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Who Do You Think Is The Best-looking Professional Soccer Player?

So the World Cup is going on! Same question, different time…
No, I DO NOT watch soccer (which has been in my life–I’m definitely half-Mexican and my family is crazy about the sport– and I’ve played just about all my life, by the way) just to LOOK AT the guys, but just curious…
I’m betting DAVID BECKHAM will win this one :)
I like (Paulo) Figueiredo too though.

I?m Searching For Good Online Soccer Betting Site, Can You Tell Me?

william hill

Any Good System For Soccer Betting ?

One that is not too complicated?

How Do You Make A World Cup Soccer Betting Pool? Nothing Professional, Just A Little Friendly One.?

If anyone can provide a chart or a well detailed method of organizing a small (about 20 people) friendly pool that would be great. I know there are different methods but i dont have info on any of them. Any information on this topic would be greatly appreciated. thanks

Why Is Soccer The Bet Sport You Should Allow Your Child Too Play?

soccer is the best because it involves teamwork had foot cordination and it is really nonviolent until they are in like 15 year old games also if it does get violent then there are refrees to stop them from getting hurt there job is just to make some calls and make sure the game is safe

Should Football Become An Olympic Sport Before Soccer?

I am against soccer being in the Olympics and am with Peyton Manning in wanting to see football as part of the Olympics at least at the amateur level. I bet foreigners are working hard to keep football out of the Olympics and probably want soccer in. Which sport do you think will win a Olympic sport first?

Why Almost Everybody Lost Money In World Cup Soccer Betting Or For That Matter Any Other Soccer Betting?

Is there any sports that is easy to win money in betting?

What Do You Call The Bars You Can Go In And Bet On Soccer?

I am talking about the bars (in Italy) you can guess the results and bet for it.
I think the game is called Total Sports.

What Is So Exciting About Soccer?

You basically kick a ball around a yard. I did that in pre-school. what is the point? Basketball and American football are real sports.
I bet soccer players can get manicures because they barely touch the ball with their fingers.

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Why Do People Use The Term „asian Handicap” In Soccer Betting?

Why do people use the term „Asian handicap” in soccer betting? Do asians really invented that betting method? I noticed that in many Casinos they also tend to use the symbols (e.g. banker/player) using Chinese characters/wordings. Do Chinese invented such gambling style?

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