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Why Come Some People Think That Everyone Loves The Lakers?

Not everybody loves the Lakers. I like a team because I like them and not because everybody else likes them. I’m not a Laker fan. ESPN loves the Lakers, TNT could care less.(Peace to Chuck, Ernie, C Webb, and Kenny) LOL, ABC Sports loves the Lakers. I bet you even love the Lakers too don’t you? Why? Because they’re an „everybody’s team”. I am the Laker Hater. I hate that damn Vitamin water commercial too with all those people on Kobe’s genitals. LOL „Inside outside, straight butter!” Shut the hell up dude! (Talking about the dude in that commercial) LOL The Lakers are going to get owned tonight by Denver guaranteed in L.A. just like Houston did to the Lakers in their own home. This time there won’t be any key injuries against the Denver Nuggets. The Lakers got lucky they would not have won if Yao Ming and Dikembe Mutumbo didn’t get hurt. It went to Game 7, with Yao Ming and Dikembe Mutumbo injured. That’s a bad sign, and Denver is ready for the Lakers. I see a sweep 4-0 Nuggets win it all. I’ll even place bets on this one.

I Bet Some Of You People Are Watching The Football Right Now, The Sport Of The Devil, Aren’t You?

That no good, wicked, evil Foosball!!

What Makes Some Betting Illegal?

I was looking at the paper today and it was talking about the Kentucky Derby horse race. The paper had the top 3 places. Above the places it says „In The Money” and that’s when I asked my mom „isn’t betting on horses illegal?” She told me that in some places betting is illegal and in some places it isn’t. So I was wondering, what makes some betting illegal?

What Will Happen In 2009?….. Lets See Some Accurate Grand Slam Predictions?

3 questions…… lets see some predictions for some sports bets
1. Who will win the 2009 French Open?….will Nadal get 5-in-a-row or will Roger or Djokovic stop him?
2. Who will win Wimbledon 2009?….will Nadal get back-to-back?…will Roger or a local Andy Murray be the new Wimbledon Champion?
3. Finally US Open 2009?…. will Roger get 6-in-a-row?… will Rafa get a career Grand Slam?…or will Murray or Djokovic go one better?

What Are Some Good Online Sports Gambling Sites That Allow You To Withdraw Your Funds Quickly?

I’m looking mainly for basketball betting that gives you a lot of bets. Mostly I’m looking for a site that will allow you to take your money quickly. Something along the lines of 3-7 days. 2 weeks tops. Most of the sites that I gambled with take a long process, about 2 months or so. They take your money quickly, but take forever to pay you. It’s a slick strategy, cuz they know while you wait you will change your mind and gamble all your winnings away. I need something that I can cash out quick. I heard there was one that takes a few days. Anybody know any?

Nba-can I Get Some Predictions Off You American’s Please,you’re All So Wise At These Matters! Who’s Got A Cert?

I heard it’s almost illegal to bet on sports over there, I couldn’t believe it!we’re having a riot over here in the uk! wish we could watch it though :(

Quick Jobs/good Places To Work…quick Ways To Make Some Cash?

I’m a senior in high school. My car just died so now I have to bum rides everywhere rather annoying. Anyways I’ve made a couple bucks through sports betting but not enough/to risky/ to get by. I’ve seriously applied to 10 stores handed in the applications and have heard nothing back. Where would good be a good place to look for work? I’ve even resorted to mcdonalds but haven’t heard a thing yet. I know im only in highschool but I have to pay for my Car, gas, now owe $400 on insurance and just had to cancel my phone because im out of money! Help lol!

Some Paedophiles ‚should Stay Free’?

Jim Gamble of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), said some sex offenders – such as those found with child pornography – should not necessarily be imprisoned.
What the F..K is this guy on about…………….. America is trying to pass the death sentance on these motherf.ckers and the UK as usual is saying this kind of crap … These people should clearly be used for gross medical experiments instead of using defenseless animals that way you kill 2 birds with one stone…… Would this guy be happy for one of these misfits to live next door to him and his kids… There is no cure for this it will start with viewing on the internet and then more than likely move on to commiting the real act ….
What do you think???

Hey Cheerleaders! Some People Say I Should Cheerlead In A Uniform From Losing A Bet What Do You Think Of That?

If you’re a cheerleader or used to be say what you’d make me wear and do for the bet. Other people can answer too I guess.
We only have girls cheer at my school and they wear a little red and white uniform with a tight top and short skirt! If you agree or disagree say why.
I said cheerleading isn’t a sport and girls can’t beat guys in sports. They bet if I lost to a cheerleader in basketball they get to make me cheer any way they want and I lost to a cheerleader named Cathy.
What do you think they’ll make me cheer in and why?

I Really Need Some Horse Race Betting Info Help, Can You See In Advance, A Bracket, Or Who Is Racing Who?

im going to santa anita race track this saturday. i want to find online a bracket of who is racing who so I can look up their previous races myself. is this possible?