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Anyone Has A Good Example That You Can Gamble You Soul And Lost It To Somebody Else?

Book, Document, Bible, Internet sites, Videos, anything!
The story is that my friend and I was talking about what is ammod made of so…….my friend said that it was a kind of nut that grow in shells but he was wrong and I was right, ammond is the core in abricots! But before all that happends, he said that he bet his life and everything plus soul that ammond does not come from abricot.
I won so….. does that mean I got his soul?
And can people buy/trade souls?
Cause I had trade 5% for a jew’s soul before. Does jews have souls?
Do you need to beleive God to have soul?
Is it considering a sin to get other people’s soul?
Cause man, If you can…………..I have fuuucking 4soul now.
Can you sell souls to the Devil?
Even though it’s not yours?
That would be fun!
Would it?
Would it considering a sin?

I Met My Bf Daughter,n Somebody Approach Me… Now What?

u r aware of my story recently…http://malaysia.answers.yahoo.com/questi?
he asked me to met his daughter n i met her. she is super cute. he said he sick of his wife who recently forgotten her duty as a wife n a mother. he have to work trough day n night to feed his daughter. the wife do work, but the money are gave to her family. this is frustrated him so much.
all known that guys will think of 3 problems only in his head that is money, work n women.
he said he will marry other if i leaved him, it just that he didn’t feel happy with his life n his wife. i am frustrated when he said that but, he said he wont let me leaved him since I’m the only who can guide him to a better life. I just mum.
by the way, i met somebody through internet. n he seem nice. we will meet this Saturday..
what do u think? should i go to the other guy, or just gamble this short life with a married man since i am happy with him now…

In Football Betting Can Somebody Please Tell Me How Perms Work?

I won ?103 pound last week on a perm with 8 x 35p bets and I can’t understand how i won the money

How Can I Find Somebody To Advertise On My Website?

I have a sports website ( www.tips-on-bet.com ) and I want to find some people who want to advertise on it. Do you know a good method to find them?

Can Somebody Suggest Me The Best System For Betting On Soccer ?

there are so many systems being sold on the internet for betting on soccer, that its really difficult to choose one… looking for some genuine help from bettors and gamblers