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Why Is It That I Can Bet On Horse Racing Online But I Can Not Any Other Sport?

it depends on your local laws i can bet on horses online but not dogs.

Which Number Is Used More By Famuos Athletes (any Sport) 23 Or 24?

I have a bet going with a friend that 23 is used more but he insists that 24 is used more by well know famous athletes. If you could please give a few examples for your guess, ie. if you are saying that 23 is used more then give examples like Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Please try not to repeat names that others have given. Thanks for your help.

I Bet Some Of You People Are Watching The Football Right Now, The Sport Of The Devil, Aren’t You?

That no good, wicked, evil Foosball!!

How Dose Sport Betting Work With Bookie And All That?

Im only 15 but im a lucky kid what ever team i say going to win they win. Im a good gusser. I alwase wondred how beting worck with bookies. Say i put 2 dollers down on a team and they win what determines the amount of money i win

Old School , Old Sport ! What Do They Mean?

I’ve heard these words many times like;
bet you’ll be there in time .. old sport !
what are these words?

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Why Is This Sport So Dumb?

First, female horses are given steriods to keep up with the males. In what other sport is that ok? The answer is none.
Second, Jockeys can switch horses and it still counts towards the triple crown? How? Borel rides Mine that Bird and he wins the kentucky derby. He switches horses. If Mine that Bird would have won the Preakness it would have still counted toward the triple crown. That is bull. That Jockey would have rode him different than Borel.
Somebody explain to me why people care about this sport? And don’t say betting reasons.

What Do U Think About Lawn/indoor Bowls?? I Bet You All Think Its For Old People?? Its A Awesome Sport!?

Bowls is a awesome game that i have been playing for 8 years. I am now 18. There is so much to be acheived in the sport. I just wish even more people would take up the sport and more events were televised. Its also the most rewarding and best team sport i have ever played. To play at a high level in bowls is something so enjoyable. Why dont you lot give it a go and meet some of the local young players that play? But stick at it and you will enjoy it!

Sport Scandals – Gambling?

So I’m writing a paper, and I need some examples of some sport scandals that involve gambling
For example :
Tim Donaghy – gambling on sport games
Pete Rose – Betting on MLB Games
The more the merrier. Thanks in advance !

If Cricket Isn’t As Popular A World Sport, Then How Is Betting A Profitable Business?

Since cricket is not very popular around the world, how do betting agencies make profit out of cricket? Isn’t betting the sole source of match-fixing which has caused several scandals in the past?

Have Any Members Of The Man Utd Squad From 2000-current Been On A Question Of Sport?

bit of a random question, but need evidence of any answers given in order to settle and arguementt and win a bet!!

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