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Whats A Manlier Sport Football Or Hockey?

i have a bet with my friend that football is manlier than hockey but my friend disagrees and says that there is far more violence in hockey then there is in football what do you think

Is Wrestling Really A Sport?

Or should it be considered entertainment?
If it is a sport, why can’t you bet on the matches, like you can with boxing or UFC?

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If Cricket Isn’t As Popular A World Sport, Then How Is Betting A Profitable Business?

Since cricket is not very popular around the world, how do betting agencies make profit out of cricket? Isn’t betting the sole source of match-fixing which has caused several scandals in the past?

Are Most Spectators Of Sport Just Interested In It Because They Can Bet On It?

i don’t think so. i have never placed a substantial bet on a game in my life

I Want To Become A Professional Sport Better, And Give Expert Advice To People…anyone Know How?

I bet every day..mostly tennis, football, baseball, basketball and ice-hockey. How can i get a job as an expert better…and where…give advice to people about betting.

Did Juan Manuel Marquez Take One For The Sport Of Boxing?

He injured his hand and is unable to fight Juarez Sept. 15 which resulted in the entire card being cancelled. The only good thing about it is that the side bet between Sugar Ray Leonard and Oscar De La Hoya where whoever’s fighter loses the other has to serve as a „round card girl” has been cancelled (thank goodness) Your thoughts?

I Live In Lv, Nv. Can I Place A Bet On A Sport Event For A Friend That Lives Out Of State?

Probably not, but I don’t think it really matters unless you are betting tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars and running an illegal gambling operation. You should find out how much you can win before it gets reported to the IRS, because you wouldn’t want the winnings to get reported under your name where you would have to pay taxes on it. I know that on slot machines and video poker if you win $1200 or more on one spin/bet it gets reported, but I don’t know the rules for sports betting.

What Sport In Best Represents The United States Of America?


Is Horseback Riding (not Racing) Actually A Sport?

I dont think horseback riding is a sport. You sit on a horse, and so what? Horseback Racing I think is a sport because its racing, its been on ESPN, and people bet money on it. But anyway, I just think horseback riding is just kind of an aerobic excercise. Is it actually a sport?

My 1995 Jeep Cherokee Sport Starts Sometimes And Not Others. If I Jump Start It – It Starts Right Up. Battery?

Ok – this is the way it goes. It started this am – no problem. I got out of work – it started – no problem. I got home and turned it offf. Had to go somewhere 5 minutes later – it wouldn’t start. It did chatter. I jump started it and it started right up. Stopped somewhere for 45 minutes. Started back up. I bet it is dead in the am. Does this sound like a battery problem or a starter problem?