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Why Is It That When You Watch An Old News Cast Or Sporting Event It Looks Old?

when i watch a sporting event or news cast from say 10 years ago, everything looks old and outdated. However, when i watched these things in their original airings i didn’t think they looked stranged and even said to myself: i bet i’ll watch these same things on tape later on in the future and they will look old and strange.

Whats A Good Sight To Bet On Fights And Sporting Events? A Reliable One People Trust?

Honestly, NONE.
Keep in mind, these are off-shore businesses and they have NO obligation to pay you. Many operate in Costa Rica and India and will quickly accept your money but pay off slowly or not at all.
I enjoy betting on college football. Did well and went through weeks of crap just to get the money owed me. Two years ago, they literally stole from me by refusing to pay out.
Don’t do it. They are scam artists.

This Is A Question About Probability In Regard To Sporting Odds Most Notably Horseracing.?

Betting on a treble over 3 races. Horse 1 has odds of 11/1 implied probability of winning 8.33%, horse 2 has odds of 16/1 implied probability of 5.88% and horse 3 has odds of 20/1 implied probability of 4.76%. It would be straighforward to say just multiply the odds or percentages to come up with the odds of this treble happening, but is that correct? Given that the selections are over 3 seperate events rather than for 3 selections from one lottery what is the real probabilty of the treble coming up and what is the formula for calculating it?

Why Cant Yahoo Let Us Wager Play Money On Sporting Events Like The Card Games?

To bad we cant use our points to wager with or something like that. A gentlepersons betting forum.
Can you ask Q&A yahoo man questions like this?

How Do You Find A Bookie To Place Bets With On Sporting Events?

And once you’ve found one, what steps should you take to make sure that the bookie is honest and won’t cheat you out of your money?

Should Match Officials Be Banned From Betting On The Outcome Of Sporting Events?

From what i’ve consistently seen so far this season, a fair few have had a wager on Liverpool FC winning the Premier League..

What One Day Are There No Sporting Events To Bet On?


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When Placing Sporting Bets, How Do Odds Makers Determine The Over-under Point Total, For Each Team?

Is there a formula?
Does anyone have their own formula, their willing to share?
Is it just (PF + OPF + PA + OPA) /(GP+OGP)?
[where PF is Points For, OPF is Opponents Points For, PA is Points Against, …. GP is Games Played]
This has been driving me insane for a long time… Please help this mind boggling puzzle of mine.

Is Anyone Actually Gonna Bet For Sporting Lisbon To Go Through In The Champions League?

they got thrashed 5-0 by bayern munich at home yesterday – is anyone actually gonna bet that they progress? :D
…i was actually gonna put a quid on that for a laugh haha
but you never know!

Sporting Betting Odds?

I don’t get why someone would bet on odds that are say 8-11, because surely you will lose money no matter what, doesn’t make sense.