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Any Good Guides On Sports Betting?

Does someone know any good guides on sports betting?

What Does A ‚moose’ Mean In Sports Betting?

Anyone know?

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How Many People Believe That Ea Sports Madden 2010 Still Won’t Recognize Steelers As The Nfl Best Team?

I’m willing to bet anything. They’re going to do the Steelers the same way that they’ve always done on Madden NFL each year regardless if they’ve won a Super Bowl or not. In 2005, when they won that Super Bowl, they still had like 4 other teams better than the Steelers. Madden needs to acknoledge the Steelers and give them their damn respect. I’m a serious Steelers fan, and I’m serious when I play my Madden NFL, it’s o.k., if they don’t want to rate them as the best team. I’ll edit player, and MAKE THEM the best team in the league. Either way, I’ll have my way, and so will the Steelers, that’s why we won 6 NFL Super Bowl rings. Steelers haters! Oh, and to the guys who were playing Madden and loved the Cowboys so much that they were playing visiting Cowboys against home Cowboys, how crazy is that? Neither guy didn’t want to another team. That was mad crazy! Someone should’ve been a Steelers fan! LOL I Steelers verses the Cowboys, now that would’ve been a good game. We beat them too though this year! LOL! Go Steelers! I’m recruiting worldwide, trying to make it a what guys? A STEELER NATION! LOL

I Need To Know If This Sport’s Bet Is Valid Or Not.?

We were at Buffalo Wild Wings yesterday to watch the Bears vs Rams game. Before the game friend 1 made a bet offer of $40 to friend 2 that the Bears would shutout the Rams. Friend 2 hesitated but then decided to take it but friend 1 wouldn’t shake his hand b/c it was greasy. Friend 2 wiped is hand off and friend 1 still wouldn’t take it so friend 2 put a napkin on his hand and they shook but friend 1 said it was invalid because of the napkin between the hands. I need to know if the napkin cancels the bet or if it should be a legit bet.

Kobe Vs Lebron In Other Sports?

Football- Lebron, pretty obvious
Baseball- Kobe, more coordinated
Tennis- Kobe, just looks like a tennis player
Golf- Lebron, wants to be a billionaire, so I bet he’s been spending some time at the driving range
Swimming- Kobe, just seems like a better swimming build
Cross Country- Lebron, this may surprise some, but when you look at how many minutes he plays, you’ll understand
Volleyball- Kobe, but even though is better built for it, Kobe might be spending some off days on the beach, something Cleveland doesn’t have
Field events- Lebron, most of them are either strength or vertical events, so I’d pick him their
Ping pong- Kobe, quicker reactions
Spelling Bee- Kobe, fluent in italian, and maybe some other languages too

Couple Of Sports Gambling Questions.?

In Vegas and looking to gamble a bit on college football for tomorrow. Picked up the sheet w/ all spreads and stuff on it and a little bit confused. There are 3 separate columns of numbers. The first is the spread and I know how that works. Second I’m pretty sure is the over/under (numbers in the 40’s and 50’s). Third one I’m vaguely aware of. Pretty sure it is the payout, but I thought that the point of the spread made all the games even money. Also was wondering how parlays work. Know you have to win all the bets, but have heard conflicting accounts on the payouts.

Is Anyone Else Curious About Water Sports Or Scat?

I Live in Columbus Ohio. I am a Str8 Single White Male
I am 31 5’9 160 Bln/Blu. I am very clean cut, Masculine and Laid Back.
When I was in College I seen 2 guys make a bet over an OSU V/S Michigan Game. The Looser of the bet had to allow the winner to give him Watersports and Scat.
It sounds Gross, but it was actually hot in a weird way
Ever Since then I have been Curious, but afraid to explore my curiosity.
I want to try this with another str8 male, and I would want to be on the receiving end if I did this.
Does this sound weird?
Is Anyone Else Curious?

What Sports „nation” Do U Think Has More Power/movement?

con-its baseball
pro-beat the eastern conference again and got more fans(some how)
back in the day (as the story goes) steel workers lost there jobs back in Pittsburgh and moved all across the U.S. which helped get more fans(NOT SUPERBOWLS)
pro-pulled another superbowl out of their a$$ which will lead to SIX SUPERBOWLS (EXCEPT FOR 2006 SUPERBOWL THEY WERE THE BEST THAT YEAR).
con-mostly consits of fans in america which is hard to call it a NATION(BUT DO HAVE FANS IN OTHER COUNTRYS)
raiders moved up and down california(which has a population of 3 million people,800 and something thousand)
pro-got 3 superbowl and arguably could of went to 4 more superbowls a total of 7 superbowls
con-AL DAVIS/raiders suck
raiders have a Filipino fans,highest # of latino fans (los angeles duh)african americans(oakland), euopeans,chinese fans,and south american.
please commit i have a bet with my brother that the raiders have the most powerful NATION.

Attention: Sports Bettors! I Have A Question For You.?

I heard an interview yesterday with a guy from the Las Vegas Hilton sportsbook. He said that they alone will see between 94 and 97 million in wagers on the Super Bowl. The line came out at NE -14 and it is already down to 12. He also said that the 94 to 97 million only represents 2% of the wagers that will be bet on the Super Bowl. Now to the question. Does this blow your mind that this much money is bet on a single game?
That is way over a billion dollars. This does not even include office pools and blocks and such. Does this sound like a country on the verge of a recession to you?

Scams With Sports Books/dreamweaver.com?

agent called told me to deposit 10% of money he put into dreamweaver.com to activate account. he put in 40,000 and said he isnt allowed to bet , thats why he needs me. he opened account and has password set up. afraid after i put in the 10percant, he will withdrawl it and close account