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What Is The Worst Sportsbetting Experience Thats Ever Occured To You.?

Anyone who gambles knows that unluckiness is going to happen. Whether it be your AA cracked by KK, your 20 cracked by blackjack, or a blown call by a ref that leads to your demise. It happens. My question to you is..what is unluckiest you ever got while betting on sports and how much did you lose. Mine are..
– A few years ago I had the Nuggets (+275) SU in Detroit. Nuggets had the game clearly in hand, up about 10 with 2 minutes left. The Pistons came back and trailed by 3 with under 1 second left. (Nuggets ball) They inbound, it is tipped and Rasheed Wallace recovers to hit a 70 footer as time expires. Pistons win in OT.
– I had Tennesse Volunteers (+300) SU vs Florida (NCAAF). Tennesse was up 10-0 late in the 3rd quarter when Chris Leak threw a pick to the house. The play was called back on a phantom (and i mean phantom) pass interference call. Florida eventually drove the field in the final 2 minutes to win 14-10..
– As we speak I had the Rays stright up in LAA. Gary Matthews jr. just hit a 3 run, 2 out homerun to put the Angels up 1..story of my life lol…..
What about you?

Nba Playoffs And Sportsbetting?

Ok i was wondering cant you make alot of money from betting on sports. ex. say if i were to bet on the moneyline cavs and wiz series and im just looking for one win by the cavs and i double my money until i win. Cant you make alot of money if you did that on all the series. Because only 1 team has been swept and thats denver.

Is Betus.com A Good Sportsbetting Website.?

Ok i have heard all the crazy stories about this website.. i have made 2 deposites of 100$ and lost it all on sport bets. Anyway i just want to hear from people who use this site and what they think about it? When you win a big bet a ask for a payout do u get it or do you have problems getting your money.. I dont know if i should stay with betus or not give me some advice thanks.

Has Anyone Tried This Sportsbetting Program? ?

He claims to have unbelieveable records
Are his strategies valid?

Do You Know Any Good Sportsbetting Bookmakers?

Does anyone know any good bookmakers for betting on sports, do they offer any sign up bonuses?

In Sportsbetting, Is There A Site That Covers A % Of A Losing Bet?

some sites give sports betting picks, are there any sites that give picks, that if they lose they give you a % of your bet back?

I’m A Sports-betting Noob. Can Anyone Explain Odds And Point Spreads 101?

I’m going to Vegas in a few weeks and would like to bet on some of the bowl games. Just looking for some basics on over/unders and betting on spreads. Thanks in advance for any help.

What Laws Does A Person Need To Deal With Before He Can Open Say A Sports-betting Site?

best thing is do a off shore one like camen island or coast rica. you would advoid all irs and other related laws. its open world in off shore gaming sites.

What Is The Name Of The Sports-betting Website Where You Can Bet During The Middle Of A Game?

odds are calculated throughout the game and people can bet mid-game