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How Many Americans Are Happy W/ Obama’s „all-in” Poker Stance W/ The Future Of America At Stake?

In poker, there’s a maneuver called „all-in,” in which a player pushes all his chips to the center of the table in one big bet.
By that standard, President Barack Obama is conducting an all-in presidency.
The big bet is Mr. Obama’s first budget, which he has spent this week selling hard, from closed rooms on Capitol Hill to open forums on the Internet. It’s an all-in policy statement.
The budget attempts to launch at the outset most of the big policy initiatives the president has in mind for his term. It has money for a new health plan, envisions a cap-and-trade system for limiting so-called greenhouse gases, invests big money in alternative energy, and continues the flow of dollars into education started in the economic-stimulus package.
Its sweep is striking, which cheers Obama partisans who want bold strokes. But it also is a real gamble. It has scared some important constituencies, including moderate Democrats who fear the deficits it could create, and business backers such as Warren Buffett, who worry its broad ambitions will divert attention from core economic problems. It has drawn new attention to deficits, united Republicans in opposition, and made it easier for critics to paint the president as a traditional big-spending liberal.

In Sports Betting What Does This „stake ” Mean?

this guys stake on a basketball game today is 8/10…..what does this mean?

I Have Placed A Bet With A Bookmaker. What Happens To My Stake If A New Book Is Started?

I have placed a bet on the outcome of Big Brother. But the rules of the bet state that if a new housemate enters the house, a new book is started.
What happens to the money I have bet if this happens?
Would I lose the money, or get it back?