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What Sport In Best Represents The United States Of America?


Is Online Gambling On Sites Like Sportsbook And Bodog Legal In The United States?

I just want to bet on sports.

No More Bets Please.i Give You The Next President Of The United States Of America.?



Is It Illegal To Bet On Sports Through Www.bodog.com In The United States? I Pay All My Taxes On My Profits.?

NO. There are much better sites to choose from, but the answer to your question is NO. There are ambiguous interpretations of a law from the 60’s (30 years before the internet) that attempt to make it appear illegal. There has not been any attempted charge for sports betting. Remember a few years ago when Rick Tocchett was caught running a gambling ring inside the USA? The FBI had a list of every client of his….the only ones that got charged were those running the show, not the bettors.

Can You Gamble Online In The United States?

Now, im pretty sure that there is some law that doesnt allow certain gambling to occur online. However, I know that there is a site worldwinner.com that I could gamble by playing games, but I cant because I live in Florida. Is there a place I can gamble (games, casino, anything) on the internet?

Is There Anyway For A Citizen Of The United States To Bet On Sports Online Legally?

Yes, Just go here http://bestfreecasinochips.tripod.com and click on casinos that accept Us players. You will find an excellent casino, poker room and sportsbook all in one here. They will also not give you any problems even though you are from the US.

What Sports Have The Most Television Viewers In The United States?

I am looking for links to viewer numbers and ratings. Maybe a list of the top 10 sports by television ratings/viewers. I have a bet with someone at work that the world series of poker gets better tv ratings than hockey.

In The United States, Is Online Sports Gambling Illegal?

Could someone be put in prison for gambling online and betting on sports on offshore websites?

Why Is Swoopo Not Allowed In Some States?

I know that Swoopo is not likely to get you a good deal – more likely to waste a lot of money on bids – but I’m curious as to why they won’t even let people from the following places register: Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, Tennessee, Vermont, Puerto Rico and protectorates.
What are they doing that runs afoul of the law in these states? Is it something to do with internet gambling?

Where Can I Bet On Sports In A States Like Delaware.where You Can’t Sports Bet But Horse Racing Is Legal.?

Some state you not allowed to bet on sports but its ok to bet on horse racing isn’t that a sport