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Why Do So Many Say Barry Bonds Did Steroids When He Was Never Charged?

I don’t know if he did steroids. But I’m almost pretty sure he did human growth hormones. I say this because did you see how much he bulked up from 1997 – 1998. A swelled up head being a good sign of growth hormones. But those aren’t even illegal and I bet a lot of atheletes do it. Why isn’t MLB and other professional sport organizations making human growth hormones illegal. Is it because there is no sure way to test for it right now?

Steroids, Hgh, Stealing Defensive Hand Signals, Refs Betting On Games, Is This What Sports Is About Today?

Dog Fighting, NBA Fights in the stands and on the court, NBA Athletes focusing more on the individual as opposed to the team. Feel free to mention more because the list just goes on. IS this what we are teaching our kids to be in the future???