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What Should Cub Fan Do To Pay Playoff Bet? Need Survey To Break Tie.?

Several friends I frequent a sports bar with bet me the Cubs would get crushed in the 1st round. OMG they did. I had to „survey” customers in the bar to determine my exact fate…..get spanked (like the Cubs were!) or not, & how, etc. I polled 19 ppl who were there & would answer:
>16 said I SHOULD get spanked >3 said NO
> 8 said 20 swats from each ( I bet 4 ppl) > 8 said 20 swats total [TIE}
> 2 said Fully clothed > 6 said On Panties > 4 said Bare Bottom eg Thong > 4 said Nude [TIE bare vs covered]
> 5 said Hand >5 said Pingpong paddle >3 said Frat paddle >0 said Belt >3 said Hair Brush. [TIE]
We ask you guys to answer the „survey” & break the tie. (BTW the pay off is supposed to take place in the bar….unless you vote bare or nude!!)