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What Is Your Best Bet Taking Public Transportaion From Sj To The Wachovia Center In Philly?

I’m sick of driving in all that miserable traffic to go see an sporting event or concert, especially if there’s another event going on at the same time. Any suggestions?

Government Taking My Job!?

So i worked at one of these Internet cafe stores around Central Florida. In a sense what my store was doing was „gambling” but it was under the cover through phone cards and „sweepstakes Games” and instead of Cashing out you redeemed money back. Which in turn is the same thing just called something different. Well I been looking for a job 6 months, single mother 2 kids, no house, llsing my car, and finally these people offer me a job, 2 weeks later, my store gets supposively „raidied” and shut down. The media played me out to be a criminal. When i got the job I signed a Government W4 official document, the state allowed to take taxes out of my job which they deemed was Illegal. I ask you how is my store any different from the „legal” Horse races (OBS) or the Dog Track Races, Or The „Jai-Alai’ we have here or any different from the Bingo. The State definition of a Slot Machine is:
any device that by insertion of money, coin or other object is caused to operate, and the operator by reason of any element of chance might receive or become entitled to anything of value.
Wouldn’t that Mean that The CRANE machine out front of Grocery Stores are Slot Machines as well?? I find this all ridiculous when in fact Marion County is highest in Florida for Job loss, (so lets take 100 jobs away) There are crack heads and robbing places and shooting folks, But now were concerned about some adult, mutually agreed-upon „gambling” I think its bogas.. like to hear your thoughts..

Teenagers, College Age Men, Do Not Seem To Be Taking Jobs…..?

During summer and Xmas vacations particularly, teenagers and college students always had traditional jobs – waiters, mens store clerks, Boxboys at markets, construction, fast food, etc. I do not see them taking such jobs, in fact many seem to be unemployed yet happy and still driving nice cars and going to clubs, etc. I know undocumented people have taken many of these jobs, but I do not see or hear anger. I sense that they are making money, perhaps a lot of money on the internet and selling drugs or perhaps even more serious crimes such as identity theft, scamming, gambling, etc. Without naming names, do any of you out there know the areas in which unskilled and inexperienced teens and twenty somethings are making satisfactory money?

Did You Know That Bookies Are Taking Bets On Barack Obama Getting Killed Within A Week Of Winning Presidency?

Some bookmakers have taken so many bets that they have closed their books. Should bookmakers be able to do this ? and if so…. what celebrity situation would YOU make a bet on happening ?
I don’t think its right… but my bet would be Amy Winehouse dead this year, and, Arsene Wenger will resign as Arsenal manager…

Are There Any Sites That I Can Use Taking Spreads On Sports, And Actually Get Money Back If I Win.?

I know some sites allow u to bet, but when u want to cash out they won’t send you a check. I’m looking to see if anyone has a legit site for gambling on sports games. Thanks

What Are Collingwood’s Chances Of Taking The Flag?

I dont think sports betting agencies are a true representation because so many collingwood supporters would place money on them.

Are There Any Bookmakers Taking Bets On The 2012 Mayan Prediction About The End Of The World? Wouldn’t Mind

a piece of that action!!

Are There Any Bookmakers Taking Bets On The 2012 Mayan Prediction About The End Of The World? Wouldn’t Mind

a piece of that action!!

If You Could Earn Money Gambling, But It Meant Taking Money From Ordinary People, Not Bookmakers, Would You?

Assuming you mean from other gamblers I absolutely would. I would not feel guilty in winning fairly money that others were destined to lose to someone. I bet they will not feel bad when they win mine;)

Do Some People Make Their Living Betting On Sporting Events In Vegas By Taking Handicappers Advice?

being that a lot of handicappers can pick ATS at 70%