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Do Senior Citzens Pay Taxes On Sport Bet Winnings?

I live in Las Vegas,can someone tell me PLEASE!!!!!

In The U.s., Do You Have To Declare Your Winnings When You File Your Taxes?

If you make wagers on a online sportsbook (on and offshore), betting on sports and horse racing. Do you have to state that income on your taxes?? or how does that work? What if you make wagers at you local race track in person or at the OTB do you have to declare that income?

Do You Have To Report Money You Make From Online Gambling When Doing Taxes?

i am betting on sports online and I was wondering what do i do in terms of taxes, is what i am doing illegal, I mean they put the lines in the paper and and stuff and the website is in forgiegn country so it would be like making money in a different country and bringing it here which i dont know much of, I am 18 and in college so i dont know much but i just started and i am doing pretty good so can you give me as much info as possible

Is It Illegal To Bet On Sports Through Www.bodog.com In The United States? I Pay All My Taxes On My Profits.?

NO. There are much better sites to choose from, but the answer to your question is NO. There are ambiguous interpretations of a law from the 60’s (30 years before the internet) that attempt to make it appear illegal. There has not been any attempted charge for sports betting. Remember a few years ago when Rick Tocchett was caught running a gambling ring inside the USA? The FBI had a list of every client of his….the only ones that got charged were those running the show, not the bettors.

How Much Can I Bet Legally In Nevada On A Sports Game Before I Have To Pay Federal Taxes?

There is no tax on betting on sports games, there is only tax on winning on sports games.

Question For Canadians About Gambling Taxes?

I’ve heard that Canadians aren’t taxed on gambling winnings. But what if you’re a business? Suppose you have a business that consists of a computer running an arbitrage sports betting program. The business makes money, but via making online sports wagers. Would that still be untaxed? Or is it only for individuals? And are there any attorneys that specialize in this aspect of the Canadian tax law? Thanks.

If Sports Gambling Where Legalized, Would There Be Taxes On It?

If sports betting would legazied by operating it through the lottery like in orgeon would it be taxed? If it were runned by casinos would the casinos collect the profit then?

Do I Need To Claim My Online Sports Bets Winnings From 2006 On My Taxes?

The sportsbook is based in Costa Rica, so I was wondering if I need to report that income to the US governement, since I am a US resident.

In Vegas Do They Hold Any Taxes On Winnings? If You Win A 20k Sports Bet Do They Tax It?

well i wont say i’m 100% sure if the charge taxes on anything you win in vegas. but last time i check Vegas was part of US and they charged taxes pretty much on everything. in other word.. i’ll bet money they do!
maybe after certain amount they start charging taxes… double digits maybe…

How Do You Pay Taxes On Sportsbooks Checks?

say u get a check for 10 grand from bookmaker.com how would you take money out of that so u dont get into trouble with the IRS??

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