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Are West Coast People 3 Hours Younger Than East Coast People Cuz Of The Time Zones?

I’ve always wondered that. And since East Coast people get to watch tv shows 3 hours earlier than West Coast people, why don’t they bet on sports games? They would win every time since they would know who the winner would be.

Are There Casinos With Sportsbooks Other Than In Vegas?

I live in Ohio and im looking for a nearby casino where i can bet on sports such as football and basketball. Im not sure where any of these are. I know there are a lot where i can bet on horses but im not interested in that. So can anybody tell me if there are these type of casinos in bordering states such as Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Michigan, West Virginia or Indiana?

Any Ideas To Attract Local Customers To Use Our Shopping Precinct Rather Than Out Of Town Big Boy Stores?

I have a childrens boutique in a small village type shopping precinct. There are many types of shops from butcher, baker, greengrocer, craft shop, locksmith, fresh fish, cafes, bookmakers, hairdressers, beauty salon, dry cleaners, shoe shop, photographic shop, pubs, charity shop, ladies fashion, hardware, pet shop, jewellers, clock repairer, dolls house shop, insurance broker, toy shop, chiropodist, newsagents, independant supermarket and co-op.
We are all getting together next week to discuss ways of improving customer footfall through our pedestranised precinct – rather than people using out of town stores. Also, ways of attracting people outside of the area. However, we have a low budget to spend. Any fresh ideas for me to take along to the meeting would be much appreciated.
Point to note – over the road – we also have post office, major banks, travel agents two top tourist attractions and a beach less than one mile away.

Are Bookmakers Odds A Better Guide To Who Is Likely To Win In 08, Than The Polls?

Hillary Clinton 1/2
Rudolph Giuliani 9/2
Barack Obama 7/1
Mitt Romney 10/1

Hi, Does Anyone Know Any Decent Sports Betting Systems, That Are Better Than Mine Anyway?

Heres one………Horses, current seasons form only……must have won last two races……must have won over course and distance.
Not a lot of selections, but they win a lot and many at better prices than you would think!!

Why Is It Than When Match Fixing Raises Its Ugly Head There Is Someone From India Involved?

Samuels banned for two years for dealings with an indian bookmaker

Bodog Will Only Allow Me To Place A Bet By Phone If Its More Than 50 Dollars. Are There Any Others That Will?

Does bookmaker or any of the other sportsbooks let you place bets by phone?