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Any Gamblers Out There, I Need Help?

I sometimes bet online and it’s always very small amounts and I never bet on sports. My problem is I was messing around and put a bet on for 77 euro on the following by mistake!!! I don’t know how I did it, anyways what have I got myself into
Coca Cola C’ship Matches
Barnsley v Hull
2008-04-15 19:45:00
Market: Half-Time/Full-Time
Selection: Barnsley / Hull
Price: 30 – 1
Bet Type: Single
To Win

In Vegas, Is There A Way To Bet Straight Up On A Football Game Winner, Without The Spread?

Like just picking a team to win, without the spread taking affect? I know you can do that in most of the other sports (baseball, hockey…)

Are There Any Good Programs That I Can Download To Help Me With Betting On Horses?

You’ll find a lot of different types of horse racing betting applications on these sites.

Is There A Football Betting Site With A Lower Than ?10 Minimum Deposit?

the site i usually use is minimum ?10 i want lower than that thanks

Is There Such A Thing As A Miniature Bear?

By this I don’t mean an unusual species, I just mean a plain American black bear that has been bred down to a small size. An adult that maxes out at about 75-100 pounds would be perfect. Has anyone seen or heard of anything like that before? If so where? My dad shot a young one (he thought it was bigger), but we mounted it anyway cause we needed more stuff to put in our sporting goods store, and it is just the cutist, coolest little guy, I would LOVE to have one for a pet(I bet you could, but an adult bear is too big). I guess a different type of bear would be ok too, but a miniature black bear would be preferable. Thanks

Are There Any Betting Pools Going On That You Can Refer That Pres. Obama Will/not Be Caught In A Sex Scandal?

Since it seems to be the in thing these days. I think I’ll get a little extra money from Christmas this year that I can gamble with.
Thanks for your kind responses. Merry CHRISTmas, Happy Hanukkah and Kwanzaa to all!!

Is There A Promblem At The Moment With Visa Gift Cards? Im Trying To Deposit Into My Betting Account Wont Work

Depending on who issued the card, there may be. Virtually all US banks do not allow their Visa/Mastercard/etc cards to be used to fund online gambling accounts directly, since Internet Gambling is illegal in the US. Payment processors that accept US Visa (etc) cards and try to mask that they’re being accepted to fund internet gambling accounts are actively being prosecuted under US Federal Racketeering laws.

Are There Any Good Ncaa Football Betting Systems Out There?

I use a baseball betting system that has made me a lot of money this year that I reccomend to everyone, http://TheACEofSportsPicks.com
However, they don’t offer Football. Does anybody know of a good Football Betting System for NCAA or NFL?

Do You Think There Is A Betting-scandal (referee Corruption)in This French „victory” Against The All-blacks ?

I just want to understand this strange ” victory”…

Is There An Iphone App Or Webapp That Covers Sports Racing With Live Odds?

I have searched far and wide and cannot find exactly what I am looking for. Sportacular usually covers all of my sports needs but they don’t cover any of the popular races (triple crown). A webapp or a betting site with an iphone interface would work great but I can’t find anything at all, been looking for days. Currently there are two iPhone apps but not what i want, iBet the races ($10!) and PBN Track (not live odds). Thinking a webapp would be best, let me know people.