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What Do „line” And „over/under” Mean On Betting Odds? How Are They Calculated?

For example, before today’s Celtics-Lakers game, the odds in the LA Times listed the Celtics as the favorite and the Lakers as the underdog, with a line of 2-1/2 and an over/under of 192. What does „2-1/2″ mean and what does the cipher of 192 signify? Is it total points scored or something?
By the way, I’m not a bettor, just curious. =)

I Lost A Bet To A Cheerleader What Should They Be Able To Do To Me?

I’m a guy. Should I have to look like a little cheerleader tart?
I lost a bet to a cheerleader and I asked on Y!A how do I get out of cheering in a uniform? Some guy said I should accept my fate and look like a little cheerleader tart. What should the cheerleaders be able to do to me?
About the bet: I said cheerleading isn’t a sport. One of them bet me in a basketball game and she won, so now they get to make me into a cheerleader any way they want.
The problem is we only have girls cheer here and the uniforms are little red and white outfits with tiny skirts. Should I have to wear that and be a cheerleader? If so for how long? And they have to wear that in school on game days so should I get an exception to that?

Old School , Old Sport ! What Do They Mean?

I’ve heard these words many times like;
bet you’ll be there in time .. old sport !
what are these words?

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Why Do They Give S**t?

Im 14, do alot of things for my age im black grew up in the ghetto i mainly like rap/hiphop/R&b ( i like all music except country/classical ),ANIME,video games,clothes worn on BET and sports… but yet ppl diss me about anime why do they care??? by the way i kill ppl in football and sometimes in basketball and ESPECIALLY video games… i hope my new school isnt so simpleminded…..

Why Is It That The Yankee Fans Think That They Deserve Respect From Other Fans?

When it’s clear that they don’t give respect back to others? Can’t they accept the fact that there are other teams that have other fans?
Instead here they are giving thumbs down to every other fan, even when there not talking about the Yankees.
And i’m also betting over 60% of „Yankee Fans” are bandwagon people.
I’d like to appreciate the Yankees, but the way the fans are so rude… I don’t think anyone is going to.
Peopla also say that Baseball has no respect, but EVERY sport has respect for one another.

Do You Think They Should Prosecute The San Antonio Spurs Referee For Tainting The Scores; So He Could Gamble?

Yesterday, unfortunately, a NBA Referee was charged with „fixing” the scores at major NBA games so he could win some bets. Should all referees be subpoenead in this „big” case? What do you think of ‚sports gambling’?

I Lost A Bet To Cheerleaders Last Year School Starts Again Soon Think They Forgot Over The Summer Or Will They

make me suffer? I said girls can’t beat guys in sports and cheerleading isn’t a sport.
The bet was if I beat a cheerleader in basketball she had to be my maid in school all through football season, but if she beat me, they got to make me cheer any way they want.
They dressed me up as a cheerleader made me do a cheer, but then they said since she had to be a maid if she lost, I should have to be a cheerleader for the same amount of time.
So do you think they’ll just forget or what do you think they’ll make me do for the bet if they don’t forget?

Are Most Spectators Of Sport Just Interested In It Because They Can Bet On It?

i don’t think so. i have never placed a substantial bet on a game in my life

Why Do They Have Small Pen’s At Argos & Betting Shops?

Can any one tell me why Argo’s and in betting shops you only get small pens why arn’t they normal size pens?

My Gerbils Bury Their Food With Betting Can They Still Eat It Like That?

yep….gerbils do….and so do most rodents…..Its a natural behavior….and yes they can still eat it like that. They enjoy sleeping and burying the food under their bedding so they dont have to get up to eat it! its kinda funny and really lazy of them if you think about it.. :)