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Is The Only Thing That Separates Gambling From The Stock Market The Fact That Stocks Provide Ownership?

I’m not talking retirement or long term holdings, but more day trading where you close out all positions by days end. Isn’t it essentially a bet that the stock will move up or down? Up you make money, down you lose, (long positions only). How is that different from a gamble? But please spare the fundamental differences between stocks and sports bets, I’m talking of a boiled down version. If you bet a stock will go up and it does, how is that different from a sports bet? Aren’t they both „gambles” that the unkown will work in their favor? If so, is the only difference the fact that stock represents ownership? Now that i think of it, lets talk options too. An option itself isn’t ownership itself but the opportunity to buy ownership. So if an option is closed out and not exercised, isn’t that a bet? Oh and by the way, i’m looking for specific LEGALITY, not if you think so or not. Thanks in advance.

My Boyfriend Really Likes To Gamble, Its Usually A Twice Of Week Thing Where Him And His Buddies Have A Big?

game. About a month ago it use to be only up to $1000 games where he would either win the whole pot or lose around $300 and the majority it would be more lossing then winning. He also LOVES the internet poker but has NEVER one once I mean he has never cashed out ever he has probably lost over $10,000 on online poker which he said he would quit and he did for about 3 months and now hes back onto it. Well this month he has been going into bigger games that are around 25 thousand pots and the first time he went he won about $1700 but now he has lost about 3 thousand in the last week.. Im not sure if this is the time to tell him you really have a problem or even if its my place to say.. He makes his own money and he makes farely good money at that probably pulling in $3000 a month and I am on maternity leave so he pays all bills and rent.. Is it my place to say anything?? I mean its his money… but it just kills me to see money get blown away like that…

Is There Such A Thing As A Miniature Bear?

By this I don’t mean an unusual species, I just mean a plain American black bear that has been bred down to a small size. An adult that maxes out at about 75-100 pounds would be perfect. Has anyone seen or heard of anything like that before? If so where? My dad shot a young one (he thought it was bigger), but we mounted it anyway cause we needed more stuff to put in our sporting goods store, and it is just the cutist, coolest little guy, I would LOVE to have one for a pet(I bet you could, but an adult bear is too big). I guess a different type of bear would be ok too, but a miniature black bear would be preferable. Thanks

Whats The Worst Thing Happening In Sports Right Now?

the mike vick dog fighting scandal, the nba ref betting scandal, or barry bonds eventually breaking the home run record.
i think its the nba scandal is the worst, because if the accusations are true,it affects the whole league and not just one team like the dogfighting one. im a spurs fan, and for a while people were saying that the refs were on their side during their series against phoenix. i thought that they were just bitter fans. but now knowing this guy was one of the refs during the series, it makes me wonder if maybe something was up.
as for the other 2, i would say that the mike vick scandal is the next worse. although neither vick or bonds have been proven guilty for anything, i think any unbiased person with a right sense of mind can say that they are both guilty. but i say that what vick did was more serious. out of taking steroids and dog fighting, taking steroids is the lesser of 2 evils.
what do you guys think?

Who Do You Think Will Win The Zimbabwean Election? I Know It Will Be A Close Run Thing Between Mugabe, Mugabe?

and Mugabe. A lot of the bookmakers have Mugabe as favourite but personally my money is on Mugabe with Mugabe as a close 2nd just beating Mugabe into 3rd place. It will be a real cliff hanger but what do you think?

This Is The Best Thing I Have Seen For Ages In The Gambling World.?

Fulham to win this weekend at 5/4 with Tote sport betting shops.
They are playing Birmingham the game is at Fulham.
If you put ?20 on Fulham you will get back ?45 it is like finding ?25 on the floor in the betting shop. GET ON…
My question is…Agree or Disagree
Thank you.

What Is The Hardest Thing To Do In Major League Sports?

Please give your opinion. My friend and I have a bet going. Thanks.

Besides Gambling, What Is Your Favorite Thing To Do In Las Vegas.?

My wife and I have been to Vegas so many times that I think we ran out of things to do there. Yes I know, that’s sort of like saying that we’ve seen everything on the internet. She doesnt gamble, so the few times a year that we go together, we look for other entertainment. We really like the Cirque shows(seen all but Zumanity). We’ve seen most of the variety shows. Ran out of things to do and need help. Thanks in advance.

What Do You Thing About Sports Betting And Gambling Online At Betcris?

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Is There Such A Thing As Free Sports Betting?

I heard there are websites for free sports betting but I’m not sure. I would really like to start free sports betting. Has anyone made a lot of money? I know free sports betting exists because my neighbor at school has done it, but now that the semester is over he is gone. Please send me answers about free sports betting if you have them.