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Is This A Sign Of A Business Going Tubby-bye-byes In The Near Future?

The usually reclusive owner of Sports Direct has stirred up both controversy and publicity in the City by branding certain investors ?a bunch of cry babies? and declaring that shares in Sports Direct are ?not for the fainthearted?. Due to ?exceptionally difficult” trading conditions in the wet weather, the company issued a profit warning but controversially refused to release like-for-like trading figures and consequently shares plummeted 25% in one day. Speaking to the press, Mr Ashley said: ?I am building a long-term business. I can?t spend all my time worrying if the share price goes up and down. It may drop to 80p, but over three years I am betting it will be nearer 800p. I have built the company over 25 years and I am planning the next 25 years. But all anyone wants to talk to me about is what happened in June”.
Am I alone in thinking this means big trouble?

Why Is This Sport So Dumb?

First, female horses are given steriods to keep up with the males. In what other sport is that ok? The answer is none.
Second, Jockeys can switch horses and it still counts towards the triple crown? How? Borel rides Mine that Bird and he wins the kentucky derby. He switches horses. If Mine that Bird would have won the Preakness it would have still counted toward the triple crown. That is bull. That Jockey would have rode him different than Borel.
Somebody explain to me why people care about this sport? And don’t say betting reasons.

Look At How This Article Spelled Tim Donaghy’s Name?


In case it gets corrected later on, it read:
A former high school classmate of „Tguiltyaghy” pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges he paid the disgraced basketball referee thousands of dollars for inside betting tips on NBA games.
Was it a hacker or did he actually write that or did someone on yahoo mess up?

Would This Be Useful?

Hey everyone, this is not spam, I promise. I created a website (www.allstargamble.com). I have partnered with sportsbook.com and offering a rare 100% first deposit bonus through my website to sportsbook.com (the usual is only 10%). In addition, I am attempting to create a website in which online gamblers can go to use resources that will help them make educated bets. For example, the website has live odds, matchups with detailed stats, live scores, and other things of that nature. I would appreciate it if you all could check it out, and let me know whether or not you think this is useful. Can you see people visiting this website? Would someone who frequently bets on sports visit this website? Is the 100% deposit bonus very appealing? Call this market research I guess.

Is This The First Step To Gambling?

Hi im 15 years old and love sports and have been using centsports.com for about a month now. Its a sports gambling website that u can bet on sports teams and not pay anything but win real money.
ive been going crazy with it and getting very angry with teams and i know it and kind of think its funny because i understand what gambling can do, and my brother sees it as well. i know that i may get in bad moods and be furous over some teams that i usually dont care about, but i think its funny that i get this way after.
i know i wont stop doinf this website, but im tihnking now that maybe i might get worse in the future.
please dont tell me to stop this cuz i seriously 100% gaurentee u i wont. Ive never been addicted to something in my life im just thinking maybe this is the first step to bad gambling habbits in the future.
just let me kno what u think.

Would This Lifestlye Work – From A Financial Perspective?

i have numerous jobs, such as bartending, baseball umpiring, buying/selling safe stocks to make profit, ebaying, blood donor and local paper run.
Then i get all my earnings together go to the TAB and bet on a team i know will win. Then get the money i make and keep stacking it into the TAB, betting more each time i gain more.
Would this work? i mean for a lot of sport games you can guess confidenlty who wins? plus what is the limint on how much can you bet in the TAB at once?
btw TAB in australia, is the place where you bet on sport games

I Need To Know If This Sport’s Bet Is Valid Or Not.?

We were at Buffalo Wild Wings yesterday to watch the Bears vs Rams game. Before the game friend 1 made a bet offer of $40 to friend 2 that the Bears would shutout the Rams. Friend 2 hesitated but then decided to take it but friend 1 wouldn’t shake his hand b/c it was greasy. Friend 2 wiped is hand off and friend 1 still wouldn’t take it so friend 2 put a napkin on his hand and they shook but friend 1 said it was invalid because of the napkin between the hands. I need to know if the napkin cancels the bet or if it should be a legit bet.

Is This Illegal Gambling?

Is it illegal to bet on sports before the age of 21?

Michigan And Notre Dame? Is This The Loser Bowl We Are Talking About?

I just read the headline where Loyd Carr is saying that „if losing doesn’t hurt then you shouldn’t be at Michigan.” Gee thats funny because if my memory serves me right they are on a 4 game losing streak! So thats Michigan football huh? You have a stadium that seats over 100,000 fans and you get beat by a division formerly known as the Division 1-AA team then you get annihilated by an un-ranked Oregon team? I guess we all know now why Florida got the nod to play for the National Championship last year, and well you got sent straight to a USC *** whoopin’! People actually voted you guys pre-season number 5? I bet all the poll voters feel stupid now.
Then you all have this Mike Hart guy; „I guarantee we’ll win next week!” Umm who the hell do you think you are, Joe Namath? Dude, a high school team could beat NOTRankEd Dame
Yeah Michigan hasn’t won a game since Bo Schembechler passed away so says the sports writers; well spare us „the curse of the Bambino” plagiarism.

How Can I Develope My Bussiness? I Have An Web Site And I Invested Almost All In This…?

We started this bussiness 5 months ago and I put all my money in it… I worked 24/7 since then, but still we don’t get much traffic. We love sports and decided to start this web-site with news and soccer tips, www.tips-on-bet.com . I expected to make some money through traffic and ads, or maybe to find a sponsor. We are at the begining yet and could use any help now.