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New Wii Sports…any Tips Or Hints…?

Just the stuff they leave out till page 100-something, usually in the fine print but tends to be important. Or any tips on which games I should buy for hubby who likes Unreal Tourn.(pc version), and I like Sims and Startopia(pc). Is WoW really a good bet for me?

Can Any One Tell Me A Good Website For Good Tips On Betting On Football, Horse Racing Etc?

thanks for any help.

Anyone Got Any Sheffield Utd Vs Middlesboro Betting Tips?

anyone give me a score to bet on todays game?

Can Anyone Give Me Any Tips On Being Successful At Rugby League Betting?

Im not very good at rugby league betting

Got Any Spread Betting Tips, Not On Sport Thanks?

and include a reason for the movement in the answer please !

Any Quick Money Saving Tips?

What do you guys do to save money? It can be a small or big saving
1.Newspaper. My local Ladbrokes bookmaker gives away The Sun.Saves me ?1.55 a week
2.Pens. Also from Ladbrokes, lol
3.I have a NUS student card I use even though am not a student now lol
4.I always use jiffy bags ive received goods in
5.I place a bottle of tap water in the freezer before i drink it on the bus to work cos before i was paying for bottled water. ?1.25 a week saved
6.Always cut freebies out the newspaper or magazines :)
7.I make my own drinks everyday with my Jack Lalanne rather than pay the shops prices.
8.I always ring friends and hang up so they phone back
9.Always try not to get a round in at the pub
10.Condoms free from Health Promotion
11.Bought hair clippers rather than going to barber
12.When i go 2 a fast food joint, i throw lots of sauches in my food bag
Lots of others things i do. Some are just plain mean and nasty lol

Sports Gambling Tips For A Beginner?

I’ve just started sports-betting.. I’ve lost a little bit of money over the years.. but I want to get started back up again — What are some tips you can give me when betting on the NFL/NBA/NCAAFB/NCAAB

Does Anyone Have Any Good Betting Tips For An Event On Betfair?

Anyone got any tips? I can’t be bothered to look through, so let me know if there is something you fancy. I backed Barca at 6.5 for the champions league, and my moeny is looking good….

Can You Win On Roulette Machines In Bookmakers ? Any Tips ?

The only winners are the bookmakers and the makers of the gambling machines. Gambling is for fools, please seek help.

Where Can I Find Nfl And College Football Betting Tips?

Little known or out of the mass media sites are great. I like stuff people might not have heard about. Thanks and goodluck with your bets this year.