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Who’s Everyone Betting On In The Grand Natiional Today?

Iv’e put ?5 each way on cloudy lanne ?10 to win on cloudy land and ?10 to win on ?10 for the win on comply or die do you think these are good horses and what will you be putting your money on?

Wouldn’t Today Have Been The Perfect Day For The Winter Classic Game?

I was thinking about how no good sports games were on today(or really any) yet everyone was home in front of the TV. I bet alot of people would of tuned into it at a 1pm est start time compared to how it will be New Years day with all the College football games competing with the slot time.
Basketball is no big deal, but if Hockey started at 1pm, an hour earlier than those crappy basketball games, they could of really gained a good audience with full attention.

Im Betting Today, Khan Vs Prescott On Sky Box Office Uk?

Who will win and in what round or on points , i need to know when the win will come for either fighter?

Is The Present Indian Cricket Team Mentally Strong Enough To Beat The Aussies Today?

In cricket & all other sports the team which has lost the previous match is usually under pressure of the winning team but when you are playing against Australia in cricket then that is absolutely opposite.
When you defeat Australia in a match, then you yourself are under enormous pressure because you know deep down in your heart that the Aussies will come back strongly.
Ponting has said that Australia will play it’s best game in this match.
So Indian team has to be on their toes because in this match, you can bet your .. that Australia will not bowl that many wides & they will be even more sharp in the fielding.
I am sure Australia will play great cricket in this match because they are the champions & that too ‚Undisputed’.
It’s a test of character for the Indian team & Indian players & the only question is that ‚Are the Indians mentally tough enough to cope with the pressure’?
My best wishes are with team India , I hope they will not disappoint us & will fight till the end

Goldwater Conservatives Were Sensible. But Being A „conservative” Today Means Being A Bigot. What Happened?

We’ve gone a long way DOWNHILL, baby! Just 40 years ago, „conservative” was a respectable descriptor. But now it is the label applied to themselves by hateful and ignorant bigots who seek to FORCE girls and women to gestate UNwanted pregnancies to term against their will (which would be a very real, totally unconscionable and UN-Christian, 9-month-long form of rape)… prevent equal housing and employment opportunities to gays, and block them from marrying same-sex partners — even though there is NO WAY that their doing so would do ANY harm to the marriages of opposite-sex couples. (So much for those „Defense of Marriage” hate laws!) In addition, today’s „conservatives” are narrow-minded SOBs who’d love to censor the Internet (and ‚most everything else). And who fight legalized gambling (even though they lost that war years ago).
Today’s „conservative” leaders are RRR cultists. Sociopaths. WHY aren’t sensible Americans fighting **harder** to defeat them and their agendas?

Ladies, How Would You Like Your Husband To Show You He Is Your Husband Today And In It For The Long Haul.?

I find myself facing divorce do to my financial and emotional infidelity. I had parasites in my life that were self indulgences that hurt my wife. (Gambling, internet and alcohol) I have placed myself in this situation and have asked for help from friends, family and God. I am accepting my faults and working towards a better today and future. My wife has said she no longer loves me and does not wish to work on this marriage. We have a child and are losing our house due to the divorce. I am unable to support our mortgage alone; therefore, the house is in short sale. I have chosen to not only try today, but always remain positive and faithful to my marriage and wife. We are separated and I live 45 minutes away. Ladies, honest suggestion and experiences would be appreciated that helped save your relationships. Thank you.

Do You Think It Fair For Irish Bookies To Pay Out Today On Sen. Barack Obama Winning The U.s. Presidency?

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power said this morning it is to pay out in excess of ?1 million to punters who have bet on the Illinois senator taking over the world’s top job in three weeks time.
More than 10,000 bets have been placed on the 2008 presidential election with Paddy Power in Ireland, with the majority placed in support of Obama over the past 12 months.
?We declare this race well and truly over and congratulate all those who backed Obama, your winnings await you. Although the Senator seemed a little off sorts in last night’s final debate we believe he has done more than enough to get him across the line on November 4th. The overall betting trend has shown one way traffic for Obama since the start of the summer and punters seemed to have called it 100 per cent correct.”
Read the entire Irish Times news article at http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/brea?

Are You Going To Bet On The Superbowl Or Wager On Sports Today?

I recommend you check out Skybook Sportsbook, they have been featured on CNN and other broadcast as the best online sportsbook and casino.
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Is Anybody Else Coming To Aintree Today?

Or are you watching it on the telly….?
Feel free to come and say hello….!
William Price Bookmakers…!

If You Were Betting Today In The Nfl What Option Is The Most Likely To Happen?

Give me the 2 most likely to happen…
1.) Chargers at Chiefs scoring 45 points or more combined.
2.) Titans at Texans scoring 45 points or more combined.
3.) Steelers at Ravens scoring 36 points or more combined.
4.) 49ers at Dolphins scoring 42 points or more combined.

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