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Why Shouldn’t Torri Hunter Be Punished If He Broke A Rule?

I don’t feel Torri should be suspended for 3 years. However, if baseball wants to act tough on rules, then it also should not just be ignored. A 20 to 30 game suspension would seem light considering he could be suspended for 3 years. Pete Rose never bet on a game he was playing in. Yet he is banned from becoming a Hall of Famer as a player. It is known that at least a couple of the Black Sox never got a dime or did anything to throw a game, yet they were banned for life. Their is no evidence that Mark McGuire ever cheated during his playing career. Yet everyone knows he was kept out of the Hall of Fame last summer due to the perception. I am from Minneapolis and still feel that if you want integrity in any sport (which seems very difficult to get now days) then you have to make all the players (regardless of star quality and/or talent) follow ALL of the rules equally. It does not matter if the rule is obscure. It is the player, his agent and his attorneys job to know the rules.