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Whats A Good Sight To Bet On Fights And Sporting Events? A Reliable One People Trust?

Honestly, NONE.
Keep in mind, these are off-shore businesses and they have NO obligation to pay you. Many operate in Costa Rica and India and will quickly accept your money but pay off slowly or not at all.
I enjoy betting on college football. Did well and went through weeks of crap just to get the money owed me. Two years ago, they literally stole from me by refusing to pay out.
Don’t do it. They are scam artists.

Would You Trust A Person With This Profile To Be Managing Safety-critical Software ?

I’m not suggesting for a minute that there is any person with this profile managing safety-critical software.
But there’s an unwillingness to question people’s suitability, to apply any sort of test to their suitability, because of fears of discrimination.