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Is There A Promblem At The Moment With Visa Gift Cards? Im Trying To Deposit Into My Betting Account Wont Work

Depending on who issued the card, there may be. Virtually all US banks do not allow their Visa/Mastercard/etc cards to be used to fund online gambling accounts directly, since Internet Gambling is illegal in the US. Payment processors that accept US Visa (etc) cards and try to mask that they’re being accepted to fund internet gambling accounts are actively being prosecuted under US Federal Racketeering laws.

Why Are Christians/republicans/conserv? Constantly Trying To Ruin Other People’s Fun?

The latest thing is an attempt to stop internet gambling. As stated in most newspapers, this is a naked attempt by a Republican Senator to appeal to the conservative/Christian vote. If you don’t like gambling, don’t do it, but it’s absurd to try to legistlate morality like this. It seems that all stupid, crazy legistlation is done to appeal to Christian/Conservative voters. Making gay marriage illegal, making flag-burning illegal, making gambling illegal, it’s all so silly! Why can’t they just mind their own business and let people live their own lives? Why is the only personal freedom they care about the freedom to own machine guns with armor-piercing bullets? WHY?

Work Contracts. My Company Is Trying To Force Me To Accept A Salaried Role, What Can I Do????

I work for a well-known bookmaker in their call centre at night. My shifts are usually 20.30 – 07.00 or 18.00 – 04.30 and i work on a 4in/3off basis every week. Rcently plans came into place to move us to a week on/week off rota with a salaried contract. I am very reluctant to do so as it would mean me losing out on around 5k a year. For my colleagues it’s not such a problem as they earn considerably less than me so the proposed offer would not result in them losing any money, however as i was set on a multi-lingual operator i am paid quite a bit more(i don’t do multi-lingual work anymore i must add as i wasn’t required). I have just bought a new house based on my current income and such a severe paycut would make things near impossible. I have worked this shift pattern since November ’05 and was wondering if anyone knew if they can force me to accept the proposed offer or if they could force me to work days as i previously did, either of which would be financially damaging.

Have They Solved The Gretzky Betting Scandal? How Come Nhl Is Trying To Keep It Quiet?

If it was baseball or football they would talk about it for years but its hockey so they talked about it for a day.

Trying To Block Poker Website From Gambling Bf. How Can I Block Using Internet Explorer?

I went to tools -> internet options -> content -> content advisor -> enable -> ‚never’ for www.absolutepoker.com …. when I do that, it requires me to create a password. But once it’s enabled, it blocks alll websites, not just the poker one. How do I make it so that just thatsite is blocked without bothering other pages?

Has Anyone Lost Huge Amounts On Sports Betting? Did You Get It Back Or Are You Still Trying To Get It Back?

Huge is such a relative term. I know people who think $500 is huge . Others think $2000-5000 is huge. Others wager that or more per game. So you really need to be more specific.
I make a living betting on sports and obviously over the years I’ve had good and bad weekends. I have never been in a negative position but I have given back won money occasionally. That is just the nature of the beast.
Now from the sounds of it you are in a hole and you are thinking of trying to over extend to get out. Don’t do it. If it doesn’t work you will just be in a deeper hole. If it does work then you’ll just pick up a bad habit that will lead to taking these bad risks again. Just pay off the debt and start again slowly.