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Ladies, Be Honest: Would You Consider This A Bad Boy And Does He Turn You On?

1. He dresses cool (not thuggish)
2. He plays rap/ hip hop loud in car
3. He drives fast
4. Wears sunglasses when driving in sunny days
5. He doesn’t like to tuck his shirt in
6. He doesn’t like to wear ties
7. Has an „I don’t care attitude”
8. Drives a nice car/ has a license plate that says „BAD BOY”
9. Smokes a blunt/ black every once in a while (not all the time)
10. He drinks and gets drunk (not all the time)
11. Watches porno/ looks it up on internet
12. Goes to bars, lounges, strip clubs
13. He shoots pool
14. He curses (sometimes)
15. Flirts with girls
16. Has game
17. Talks slang; uses ebonics
18. Watches basketball
19. Doesn’t want to go back to college; he wants to make some money; that’s why he’s working
20. Has money; some of it is from working, the rest is from gambling and playing lottery numbers.
21. Has a tattoo
22. Has a keychain that has a cool meaning (describing him)
Well, do you desire this guy? Be honest and don’t try to play it off, saying that it doesn’t attract you just a bit. I see girls go for these guys all the time, and leave the good guys like me. So, tell me, does those things turn you on about a guy?

How Can I Turn $6000 Into $9000 Over A Few Months?

Well, i’m wanting to buy a new motorbike which costs $6000, but that would mean leaving me without any savings – which I kinda need incase I lose my main income. So I would like to increase the amount of money I have so that I still have some money for a rainy day.
So what would be the best way to increase my money over time? Stock markets, betting on sporting teams which can’t lose, or what?

How To Turn My Life Around?

Ok. Other than, say, those that starve in ethiopia..
And „friends” that have been imprisoned out of stupidity..
I’d say my life has been pretty screwed up.
I went straight for the family business during school, achieved my GED later because everybody „praised” the Good-Enough-Diploma.
All the GED is now, is a laughing-stock, far more than against pure dropouts. Yeah, and the family business failed because the old man became addicted to internet gambling.. crap. Useless.
I’m now in another state, keep hearing about the economy going to Hell. My job has me to 3 days out of the week, under 6 hours a day.
They’re talking about and considering removing our Fridays, so that’s 2 days a week. Can’t keep up with my bills that way. Oh, and when it comes to getting another job: There’s this girl in Austin who comes up for every background check on me. The FBI’s identity-theft hotline is strictly automated „report only”, I can’t speak with them, and it doesn’t seem to have been resolved.
Not even the military will accept me because of a „genetic eye disease”. I explained to them it was a pencil in 2nd grade. They ignored me. Told me I couldn’t handle night-vision missions when my eyes are LIGHT sensitive. (which means perfect night vision btw) They’re morons.
Now. I don’t have money, can’t get money.
Get another job? I can’t. Identity theft unresolved and everybody does background checks.
Join the military? Read above.
Get a grant/loan? GED, can’t get a grant, have tried many times.
As for loan, I can’t even make my car loan.
I’m.. out of ideas. I need someone with better experience to brainstorm here. How can I turn this around?

So Did Betting Against Subprime Mortgages With Cdos Turn Out To Be A Good Investment After All?

All that AIG bailout money is getting paid to SOMEBODY, isn’t it?

How Does An Illegal Bookmaker Turn His Dirty Money Into Useable Notes …?

How many method are they in money laundering ?