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Can I Do Online Casino Betting While I Am In Luanda, Angola Using My Philippines Atm?

Is it safe?

Why Are People Using Yahoo Answers To Advertise Sport Betting Sites? It’s Getting Old.?

It is against the community rules and you can report it as abuse.

Why Are People Using Yahoo Answers To Advertise Sport Betting Sites? It’s Getting Old.?

It is against the community rules and you can report it as abuse.

What Is The Best Method/career To Continuously Make Large Sums Of Money Using A Computer?

What is the best method/career to continually make large sums of money using a computer? I’m looking for something more substantial than signing up for affiliate programs or questionnaires. Internet trading or pro gambling would be a better answer than those. I’m thinking more along the lines of six figures.

How Can I Have A Parental Control Filter Using Firefox? [i Only Have It On Internet Explorer.]?

I searched the firefox web browser help menu but could not find a way to filter for porn, gambling, violence etc.

A Legal Question – Who Owns The Winnings From A Horserace Bet That Was Placed Using Stolen Money?

This is based on a story in a British newspaper a couple of years ago. I didn’t follow it up so I don’t know the outcome, but maybe some legal eagle out there can suggest the possible verdict..
The story went like this… a thief stole a ladies handbag and got away. There was a credit card in the bag belonging to the lady, and he used it to place a bet on the horses at a bookmakers. (Not sure if it was an internet bookies, or high street) Soon after, the thief was caught and arrested. The ladies bag and credit card were returned to her. Meanwhile, the horse won the race that the man had bet on. SO..the question is – who legally owns the winnings from the bet? Is it the thief (who place the bet), the lady (whose credit card was used to place the bet), the police, (who might possibly claim the winnings as it was the proceeds of a crime), -or does the bookmaker refuse to pay out?..

Is It Illegal To Gamble On The Internet Using Another Person’s Details If You Get Their Permission First?

I live in the UK

Has Anyone Else Had A Terrible Experience Using Info Traders, A Horse Betting Company?

I signed up for a one year membership with this company called InfoTraders…they claimed a 5 figure profit in a year, and have since made a LOSS on my account, AND they wouldn’t give back my membership fees for being incompetent.
Has anyone else used them and had other experiences?

Trying To Block Poker Website From Gambling Bf. How Can I Block Using Internet Explorer?

I went to tools -> internet options -> content -> content advisor -> enable -> ‚never’ for www.absolutepoker.com …. when I do that, it requires me to create a password. But once it’s enabled, it blocks alll websites, not just the poker one. How do I make it so that just thatsite is blocked without bothering other pages?

Is There Any Way U Can Ban Certain Websites When U R Using The Internet?

There are certain websites I get tempted to go such as gambling websites, but I do not actually want to go them. Is there any way I can prevent myself from going there, ie. any way of banning certain websites from my internet connection at home?