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In Horse Racing Betting Does The Favourite Usually Get Shorter Odds Closer To The Race?

the serious money is coming in…..

My Boyfriend Really Likes To Gamble, Its Usually A Twice Of Week Thing Where Him And His Buddies Have A Big?

game. About a month ago it use to be only up to $1000 games where he would either win the whole pot or lose around $300 and the majority it would be more lossing then winning. He also LOVES the internet poker but has NEVER one once I mean he has never cashed out ever he has probably lost over $10,000 on online poker which he said he would quit and he did for about 3 months and now hes back onto it. Well this month he has been going into bigger games that are around 25 thousand pots and the first time he went he won about $1700 but now he has lost about 3 thousand in the last week.. Im not sure if this is the time to tell him you really have a problem or even if its my place to say.. He makes his own money and he makes farely good money at that probably pulling in $3000 a month and I am on maternity leave so he pays all bills and rent.. Is it my place to say anything?? I mean its his money… but it just kills me to see money get blown away like that…

Can You Call In A Sports Bet Over The Phone To A Vegas Casino? And What Are Usually The Limits, Thank You?

ya above right – you have to have a nevada Drivers License to prove your a Nevada Resident
The limits depend on the property – they are standard limits across board – Meaning if casino has 5k limit in the sportsbook on sides, thats your limit over the phone too, unless they think of you as a real sharp player and then they limit your action.
Lesser casinos that offer phone wagering – if they only have 2k limits in their sportsbook thats what your limited to over the phone!

Is The Over 18s Policy In Betting (in Bookmakers) Usually Strict?

Im talking bout the UK here, where its ilegal for under 18s to place bets in bookies, just wondered whether most bookmakers are strict about IDing people?