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Is It True Vegas Is Betting More Troops Will Die In Afghanistan Than Iraq?

The answer to your question is „No.”
This question has been floating around from before Vietnam, when it suddenly became unpopular to serve your country. Bookies would often state that Vegas was betting on the troops, the same way they were betting on that season’s football teams.
The truth is that this is a disturbing lie, and has never been true. You mostly hear about it from people who are against the military and the current war time situation.
I would also venture to say that if you went to Vegas and tried to locate an actual place to put down some money on this, that you would be soon picked up by the local authorities and asked to leave.

Best Place In Vegas To Watch Football?

I’m going to Vegas for the opening weekend of NFL, woo hoo! So excited :) Anyway i suppose we’ll watch the games at ESPN Zone (at NY NY), but are there better sports bars for NFL in Vegas?
And, as a bonus Q, what’s the deal with the preoccupation with horse racing in sports bars in Vegas? I know it’s the betting, but you can bet on any sport. Are they just old geezers? Wouldn’t you rather see Vikings v. Packers than some crappy horse race?

In Vegas, Is There A Way To Bet Straight Up On A Football Game Winner, Without The Spread?

Like just picking a team to win, without the spread taking affect? I know you can do that in most of the other sports (baseball, hockey…)

Why Do I Want To Go To Vegas So Bad And Find Ways To Play Blackjack Or Poker A Lot When Im 16?

I like playing LCR and Bingo, especially at my vacation spot every year. I also like playing no limit texas holdem and blackjack over the internet with fake money. I thought 21 was one of the most interesting movies I’ve seen. (Never top Live Free or Die Hard though) Why do I have an interest in this stuff so early in life. Is it cause I’m bored with my current life and want to do something exciting and new? I don’t see why I should like to gamble, but I do know its allllottt of fun when moderated.

Best Places For Horse Race Betting In Las Vegas?

not sure what exactly im looking for but big screen, nice atmosphere, and comfy seating.

Las Vegas Sports Book Hours?

I need to know the latest possible options for open Sports Books on the strip in Las Vegas. We will be arriving late at night and want to get our college football bets in before the a.m. (don’t want to wake up early). Any that are 24 hours? Preferably major hotels….

Where Can I Find Sigma Derby Games In Las Vegas?

The sigma derby game is an old style mechanical horse racing machine that several players play a one time. There used to be one at the MGM, near the sports book, but the last time I was there it had been removed. It was a lot of fun (not a good bet though) and I was wandering if there was still some around town.

How Far In Advance Can I Bet On Boxing Matches In Vegas?

and do most sportsbooks take bets on any boxing match that would warrant a mention in upcoming fights on say ESPN or Sports Illustrated? I’m looking to fly into Vegas once every 1.5-2 months and place several bets at once…thanks in advance

Anybody Going To The Consumer Electronics Show In Vegas Next Week?

I am, can’t wait. Lot of good sporting events to bet on, NFL playoffs, BCS championship, college basketball. Should be a crazy week. If you’re going are you staying in a good hotel? I couldn’t get my company to spring for a room at one of the top places, settling for the Orleans Hotel. Anybody know if it’s any good?

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Can You Legally Gamble On Dancing With The Stars In Vegas Casinos?

I’m taking a trip to vegas and I want to place a bet on the dancing with the stars finale. can I make a bet like this in a vegas sports book? which one do you recommend?