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How Is America Viewed Around The World ?

I think that many of the McCain supporters don’t understand just how much other people in the world dislike america now. I don’t think they quite get how the „wormonger” image is viewed over seas.
Let me tell you this, on my island, anti-american sentiments have been increasing steadily since bush came into office.
Case in point, The USA vs Antigua on ther gambling issue.
Here the big USA, decides to take on Antigua and frighten them into shutting down thir internet gambling industry.
Imagine that, we are not talking about Jamaica, no a small island like antigua, and the US is trying to shut down their major industry because the US „says” it is illegal/ „unethical.
Eventually Antigua won their battle at the U.N. thank God.
Here’s another example; ALBA. Venezueala is offering us (some caribbean islands) a plan that will cheapen our oil. USA doesn’t like that and so sends ambassadors down to threaten us, saying this will „strain our relations”.
In effect the USA is telling us that we cannot have foreign relations with any country THEY don’t like.
This is B*llsh!t.
You see, we don’t like the idea of the US playing international police, butting into our lives everytime we try to do something to better ourselves.
Back to elections 2000, Bush came in with his „tough talk, let’s go to war” attitude. Then 911 occurs. Coincedence, maybe. However no one can deny that the problem of terrorism has been magnified ever since that d@mn man became US president.
We never had so many bomb threats in the Caribbean until Bush.
Do you remember the case where they arrested an terrorist in Trinidad!
Such things are supposed to be unheard of in these parts.
Something about George Bush’s foreign policy angers the peopel of the world, and I hope the next president stops this.
The last thing I want is to end up in a cross fire while I’m attending university.
I’d hate to think that if for some reason someone claiming to be from my island commits a terrorist act; that the USA will bomb my whole country first, and then try to investigate.
P.S. yahoo has a habit of breaking links, so i shortened them. you will have to paste it into the address bar.
On second thought, just google what i was talking about, the links seem to be too long.http://www.iht.com/articles/2007/08/22/b?http://www.jamestown.org/terrorism/news/?

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