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Best Place In Vegas To Watch Football?

I’m going to Vegas for the opening weekend of NFL, woo hoo! So excited :) Anyway i suppose we’ll watch the games at ESPN Zone (at NY NY), but are there better sports bars for NFL in Vegas?
And, as a bonus Q, what’s the deal with the preoccupation with horse racing in sports bars in Vegas? I know it’s the betting, but you can bet on any sport. Are they just old geezers? Wouldn’t you rather see Vikings v. Packers than some crappy horse race?

Why Is It That When You Watch An Old News Cast Or Sporting Event It Looks Old?

when i watch a sporting event or news cast from say 10 years ago, everything looks old and outdated. However, when i watched these things in their original airings i didn’t think they looked stranged and even said to myself: i bet i’ll watch these same things on tape later on in the future and they will look old and strange.

Where To Watch Hockey In Toronto?

Heading to Toronto, but can’t find the tickets to the game that we wanted so our next bet is going to watch the game at a bar or something. What is the best sports bar near the Arena to watch the hockey game in Toronto. Must have good food too!

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Where In Las Vegas, Nv, Usa Is The Best Place To Watch The Champion’s League Final?

Closest to Mandalay Bay part of Vegas. KO is 11:45AM PST. Broadcast on ESPN2. Looking for great viewing and sports atmosphere, not betting options etc.

Can You Watch Pay Per View Events At Las Vegas Sportsbooks?

Wondering if you can watch PPV events for free at the sports books or if they display them on the TV’s while you are betting?

Watch All Sorts Of Sports Online ?

Well i am a gambler and can bet on alot of live sports on Bwin but i have no means of watching these sports as i have sky tv and only occasionally 1 football game is on i need a site with football tennis basketball mainly an possibly ice hockey e.c.t i don’t mind paying for it but would rather not just want the best site for this any ideas?

I Have A Few Vegas Questions. First Where Is The Best Place To Bet And Watch Sports Events/horse Racing?

2. What is the best club for ages 22-25?
3. Where can you get your drinks for free and easy with no hassell?
4. Where can you play $1 black jack?
5. Any other things that are must do’s?

Who Does Not Watch Or Follow Televised Sports, Football Baseball, Hockey Soccer Basketball Tennis Golf, ?

who does not like or watch and follow sports, serious question, do you have friends, how do you get along in society, where you work, when there is a big game, and everybody bets, do you not follow sports and members of your family do, how do you get on, is there friction, inconvenience, how is your social life, answers accepted from anyone thanks

Why Do Americans Watch So Much Sports? Especially Christians?

Most sports stars are criminals or experiment with drugs or rape or splurge money and are materialistic.
Yet Americans worship them. It is always surprising when I see religious Americans who watch and support professional sports that is fulll of excessive greed/money, sex, on field violence, drug abuse, and possible even match fixing via illegal betting influence.

Is It Neglect When A Parent Or Guardina Allows Their Children To Watch Tv Or Be On The Computer For Too Long?

If possible will the parents be responsible for not taking away their cell phones computer TVs and other electronics if they get overweight start online gambling or start internet sex, porn and many other things?
If your a parent or guardian what limit would u give to your child brother sister or other?

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