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Where Can I Get Law Advice?

In a video i wan’t to use about 10 to 10 seconds of a music clip, this video will be reproduced and sold on to a small audience.
We flim sporting events such as horse racing, banger racing etc. small audience sports, mainly families who have bet on their own horse or something
i’ve asked this question before on yahoo answers, but no real trustworthy answer’s as they have all been different.
Just wondering where i can get proffesional adive on the web, i’d like it if i could get an imediate responce, like a IM chat or something

Where Can I Find An Openerp Module For Running An Office Betting Pool And Poker Tournament?

Urban Outfitters has them in the following available screen colors:
Emo Black
I’m Bohemian Purple
Earth Green
Posy Poser Garden.
Good luck in your search.

Where Can I Bet On Snakes On A Plane’s Opening Weekend Gross?

I’m very confident in this movie doing well. Pinnacle Sports is good ubt they limit the bet to 250. I want to bet more than that so anyone know of some other sites? Whoever names the most gets the pick, and only name sites you KNOW are wagering on SOAP. I hate all this digging and only finding a few sites that are wagering on this (so far only two, Pinnacle and Trade Sports).
This movie is going to be huge and it won’t mean anything to me if I can’t bet big money on it. I want to take advantage of my certainty for once and it is frustrating that the process is not more streamlined. So any help on tihs would be greatly appreciated!

Where To Bet Online For Football Games Etc..?

I am looking for a place online that’s safe, trusted, and easy to use with small minimums available. There seems to be way too many out there and I don’t know where to begin. I would like to primarily start off with football since it’s the sport I know and watch the most. Is there a way to hook this up with Vegas gambling?

Where Can I Learn The Betting Options In Roulette And Where To Play Online?

You can learn all the different ways you can bet in roulette and what the payouts are by going to http://www.takevegashome.com/roulette_ru?
You can also find online casinos that offer roulette games online for fun or real money so that you can practice your skills or try and make a few bucks.

Where Is The Closest Ladbrokes Betting Shop To Braehead Shopping Centre?

I am looking for a Ladbrokes Shop close to the shopping centre. Is there one close by with easy parking i.e. park on the street rather than going through the city centre??

Where Can I Buy A Betting Odds Book, To Work Out How Much You’ve Won?

Im looking for a betting odds book for a xmas present for my dad. He used to have one of these little books from the jack brown bookies to work out how much he could win etc. I know you can use the iternet etc to work out the odds but he used to love this little book. Do you know anywhere I can get one?
Thanks in advance

Where Can I Find Official Sp Prices?

I don’t know much about betting on horse racing as I am more into tennis and other sports, but I lately I was given a horse racing system which the owner claimed to be a winning system. The system is based on backing horses with certain odds based on their SP price. I always bet on betfair and I was told that the prices there do not reflect the real SP prices, can anyone tell me where can I get the official SP prices for UK races?
Thank you

Does Anyone Know That Website Where You Buy Shares Of Bets So It Works Like A Stock Market System.?

So a few months ago my brother made me checkout some site where they had bets and wages going on for social events. In these bets though you buy shares instead of a base „yes or no” they had things such as political agendas „will Barack close Guantanamo” to even sports wages „will the Red Sox win the world series”
If anyone knows what this site was called, I would highly appreciate it ty.

My Boyfriend Really Likes To Gamble, Its Usually A Twice Of Week Thing Where Him And His Buddies Have A Big?

game. About a month ago it use to be only up to $1000 games where he would either win the whole pot or lose around $300 and the majority it would be more lossing then winning. He also LOVES the internet poker but has NEVER one once I mean he has never cashed out ever he has probably lost over $10,000 on online poker which he said he would quit and he did for about 3 months and now hes back onto it. Well this month he has been going into bigger games that are around 25 thousand pots and the first time he went he won about $1700 but now he has lost about 3 thousand in the last week.. Im not sure if this is the time to tell him you really have a problem or even if its my place to say.. He makes his own money and he makes farely good money at that probably pulling in $3000 a month and I am on maternity leave so he pays all bills and rent.. Is it my place to say anything?? I mean its his money… but it just kills me to see money get blown away like that…