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Okay, I Betted On Missouri And The Phillies To Win Tonight, What Are My Odds Of Winning?

Im a sports bettor need your input Thank YOu

Can Betting Websites Freeze Your Account If You’re Winning Too Much?

does it happen?

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Will Ferrari Be Pleased Winning The Championship By Getting Mclaren Kicked Out?

What a pathetic bunch of losers Ferrari are. They are getting their butts kicked on the track and Raikkonen has been thrashed by Hamilton. So instead of trying to improve their car, they throw the dummy out of the pram and cook up this scam and stuff and nonsense about a stolen technical manual. (YAWN!).Typical Italians – just like their football team – whinge whine and moan when they lose. So if Mclaren get banned on Thursday Ferrari can celebrate a wonderful victory this season. I bet Raikkonen or Massa will feel so proud of themselves – what a great way to win a championship! I’ve followed F1 for over 15 years, but I will never ever watch it again if Lewis or Alonso have as much as 1 point deducted by the FIA. And I’m sure millions of fans, not to mention the sponsors feel the same. Go on FIA, you Ferrari biased Italian apologists – shoot yourself and F1 in the foot and ruin the sport for good, just so Ferrari will stop crying like big babies. Ferrari and the FIA – pathetic losers!

Hmmm Am I The Only One Betting On San Jose Winning?

I don’t know, I just think they’re gonna do pretty good!

Does Anyone Know What The Betting Odds Of Winning The Nba Championship Were At The Beginning Of The Season?

Is there a website that has the odds that list what a teams chances of winning a championship were at the beginning of the 07-08 season

What Were Serena’s Odds Of Winning The Aussie Open?

What were the odds, sports betting wise.

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Do You Think It Fair For Irish Bookies To Pay Out Today On Sen. Barack Obama Winning The U.s. Presidency?

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power said this morning it is to pay out in excess of ?1 million to punters who have bet on the Illinois senator taking over the world’s top job in three weeks time.
More than 10,000 bets have been placed on the 2008 presidential election with Paddy Power in Ireland, with the majority placed in support of Obama over the past 12 months.
?We declare this race well and truly over and congratulate all those who backed Obama, your winnings await you. Although the Senator seemed a little off sorts in last night’s final debate we believe he has done more than enough to get him across the line on November 4th. The overall betting trend has shown one way traffic for Obama since the start of the summer and punters seemed to have called it 100 per cent correct.”
Read the entire Irish Times news article at http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/brea?

I Have Discovered A Winning Betting System: What Should I Do Next?

Through thorough research & testing I have discovered a (predominately UK horse racing) betting system. Using it I can double my betting balance every 6-12 months so my money is quadrupled in two years. The vast majority of days are profitable (at 1%) and loss-making days are very few (usually up to 6% loss). Stakes are small (at between 0.5% and 3% ) so it’s very low risk.
I would like to operate this system on a much larger scale than I currently do. I don’t want to sell my system but instead use it for someone else (maybe on a commission). Does anyone know of any investors who might be interested? Please contact me if you do.

What Are Some Good Sites To Bet On Sports? I Want To Bet A Lot Of Money On A Certain Team Winning The Cup?

I am in Canada, so it would have to be a Canadian site I am guessing and the only sport I need is hockey. I dont want to bet on individual games, I just want to place a lot of money on a team winning the cup, simple as that. Thank you :)

I Can Get 8-1 Odds At The Bookmakers On Mccain Winning -is That Worth A Bet?

I wouldn’t take it. They’re taking certain states off the board in the state-by-state betting.
If you absolutely have to bet the election, take a moderately to heavily favored state that is still available and wager $700-800 to win $100.
The other approach may be to also take a state Obama is careening toward taking awat from McCain and trending toward possibly winning, like Arizona, and get +130 or +150.
Contrary to what may be said, statewide polling is almost always pretty static and what the surveys indicate right now ought to hold up. There’s always much ado over nothing. This is why the few times there ever was a surprise in the last 40 years (Ohio in 04 and Florida in 2000), the news goes crazy. Think of the other states and other years where there is never any real controversy.