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How Dose Sport Betting Work With Bookie And All That?

Im only 15 but im a lucky kid what ever team i say going to win they win. Im a good gusser. I alwase wondred how beting worck with bookies. Say i put 2 dollers down on a team and they win what determines the amount of money i win

Do You Agree With The Icc?

read the link & tell me if you agree or not?http://au.sports.yahoo.com/cricket/news/?

With Ryan With A Last Second Win And Dixion Betting Usc And Tebow Losing To Georgia Who Will Win Heisman?

dixon and ryan are the front runners. each of them has some tough games left, whoever can lead their team to a conference title will probably get the nod. if they both win the conference, i think ryan will win it. not enough exposure for dixon since he plays in the pac10 and their games dont start til 10 on the east coast, where a majority of the voters live.

Mod Wii Without Chip

What Is A Chap To Do With A Beligerent Filly?

Like any self-respecting chap-about-town, there is nothing I enjoy more of an evening than partaking in wagers. So far, I have lost my car and ?56,000 on this sport of gentlemen, on wagers as diverse as ‚how far can you run with a pig on your back’ to ‚how many rashers of bacon can you stuff up your nostrils’. It’s all rather rummy fun, of course.
The dashed problem with all this merriment is that my betrothed sees this as detrimental to our relationship. It has got so absurd now that she is denying me my conjugal rights as long as I continue to make foolhardy bets. How can I set this young harridan straight?

Are There Any Good Programs That I Can Download To Help Me With Betting On Horses?

You’ll find a lot of different types of horse racing betting applications on these sites.

Scams With Sports Books/dreamweaver.com?

agent called told me to deposit 10% of money he put into dreamweaver.com to activate account. he put in 40,000 and said he isnt allowed to bet , thats why he needs me. he opened account and has password set up. afraid after i put in the 10percant, he will withdrawl it and close account

What’s Up With Me?

I’m a terrible gambler losing most of the money I’ve ever made. I’ve lost some sports bets than no man could ever believe. You know games where my team is up by 20 pts. with 4 minutes to play and I lose in O.T.
I just got pulled over the other day test driving a car around the block that I’d been working on for months. I got $700 in fines (no Ins. exp. inspection, exp. Registration). All this for a 30 second ride to see how the engine ran, so that I could then make the car legal.
I’ve broken 7 bones and no one else in my family has broken anything.
I suffer from panic attacks that only happen in quiet rooms with lots of people around.
I suffer from occasional impotency, due to being a heavy alcoholic.
I have type 2 diabetes and I’m only 33.
I left a career in the Army only to move back in with my parents.
I get rivered every time I play a poker tournament.
I have a girlfriend who is such a ***** and we hate each other.
I went to college for 5 years but ran out of money and didn’t grad

Any Help With Hockey Betting?

I’m from Montreal, we have a sports lottery called „Total”, I was wondering if anybody can tell with almost certainty what the final outcome will be for any of tonight’s games:
Teams-Total (Over or Under)
Florida at Atlanta 5.5
New Jersey at Carolina 5.5
Philadelphia at NY Rangers 5.5
Buffalo at Ottawa 6.5
Minnesota at Detroit 5.5
Montreal at Boston 5.5
Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay 6.5
Dallas at St. Louis 5.5
Phoenix at Edmonton 5.5
Toronto at Los Angeles 6.5
Vancouver at San Jose 4.5
Total is basically determining whether the final score will be over or under the game line. I’m leaning on Dallas, Detroit and New Jersey games to be under 5.5 but I would like to know what your thoughts are. Thanks in advance.

Is There A Football Betting Site With A Lower Than ?10 Minimum Deposit?

the site i usually use is minimum ?10 i want lower than that thanks

I Am A West Ham Fan, Why Is That The People With The Biggest Mouths Are Arm Chairs Never Been To A Game Fans?

Loads of people claim they support Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man Utd. I bet they have never bought a seson ticket been to away matches even know the history of the club. All they do is turn on Sky sports on a Sat. These people are sad! Cause you look out for there result know and again does not make you a fan, so please armchair fans keep your opions to your self cause you have no right to slag off other teams until you been to whatch your clubs season after season.