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How Many People Believe That Ea Sports Madden 2010 Still Won’t Recognize Steelers As The Nfl Best Team?

I’m willing to bet anything. They’re going to do the Steelers the same way that they’ve always done on Madden NFL each year regardless if they’ve won a Super Bowl or not. In 2005, when they won that Super Bowl, they still had like 4 other teams better than the Steelers. Madden needs to acknoledge the Steelers and give them their damn respect. I’m a serious Steelers fan, and I’m serious when I play my Madden NFL, it’s o.k., if they don’t want to rate them as the best team. I’ll edit player, and MAKE THEM the best team in the league. Either way, I’ll have my way, and so will the Steelers, that’s why we won 6 NFL Super Bowl rings. Steelers haters! Oh, and to the guys who were playing Madden and loved the Cowboys so much that they were playing visiting Cowboys against home Cowboys, how crazy is that? Neither guy didn’t want to another team. That was mad crazy! Someone should’ve been a Steelers fan! LOL I Steelers verses the Cowboys, now that would’ve been a good game. We beat them too though this year! LOL! Go Steelers! I’m recruiting worldwide, trying to make it a what guys? A STEELER NATION! LOL

I Lost A Bet And I Won’t Back Out But Is This Fair?

I said cheerleading isn’t a sport and girls cant beat guys in sports. They bet if I lost to one of them in basketball they get to make me into a cheerleader for as long as they want. If I won, then this cheerleader Cathy had to be my maid for as long as I want but she beat me. We only have girls cheer here and they wear the usual short skirts and tops. I hate backing out of bets and dares, but this is pretty crazy right?
Cathy said I have to wear „hair ribbons lots and lots of glitter eye shadow and lip gloss a skirt so uh do sumthing with your legs of course you are gonna have to wear make up! cheerleaders have to grab attention and stand out in a crowd!” Is all that fair??

I Need Him To Help Me Through This But He Won’t Come Home.. ?

Well first off I had my first visit with my doctor to get me on some meds.I’ve resently found out I have Bipolar 2. He’s got me on Sertraline for the depression. I take half a pill for 4 days and then a full one after that daily. He also gave me Divalproex for the „mood swings” He said not to take that unless i start feeling naughty lol. I had to laugh.
Even though I still don’t understand it all yet. But needless to say I’m on the right road. I’ve come here for some support and some thoughts on my situation. I’ve messed up my family pretty bad from my actions 3 months ago. I blew 700$ on junk instead of paying the bills and I left my fiance to have a relationship with a guy I met off the internet. These actions now make sense to me, and we’ve discusssed who, what, where, and why. But he’s told me that he won’t come back home until I’m emotionally stable. I truly do understand what I’ve done wrong, and I understand why he feels the way he does.
I know he doesn’t want to get hurt. But how can I get him to understand that I NEED him more than ever right now. I’ve lost my mother to gambling, and her depression. Nothing else matters but herself and her problems. I’ve lost my dad to drugs and drinking. He’s pretty much gone mentally from the abuse. I don’t know him number one, but even if i wanted to have a conversation with him I couldn’t. And lastly I live 30 mins from my nearest family memeber. Grandparents, aunts, and cousins. I really understand I can call them at any time. And they tell me that all the time. But the one and only person I NEED and WANT to help me get through this and understand it won’t come back home.
He says he’s here for me. That we are doing this together, but I feel so lost with out him here. I feel so distant from him. I need him here to have a shoulder to cry on, or to just break down. I broke down last night and I cried alone for hours. I kinda get the feeling that his friend and family are having some what a say in this too. They are not happy that he’s giving me a second chance. They don’t understand that I’m sick. Whether it’s depression, bipolar or both. They don’t understand that as much as it may seem crazy I wasn’t in the right state of mind when I choose the actions I did. It doesn’t exuse it no, but I need everyone to know that I was, and am fighting a sickness, and I need him to be with me. I don’t want to fight alone. I’ve kept my promises.
I’ve given my 150%. I’ve got my first therapy visit, and awaiting the second. I’ve been to the doctor and got my meds so I can fight this and become the person I used to be. I hope anyways. The person he fell in love with. I just don’t know how to get him to understand how much I truly need him to be here with me. How much him being here is going to help me. I don’t want to be pushy.
I want to give him his space he said he needed, but damn it I can’t do this by myself. I’ve sent him emails about information I found on bipolar relationships. I hope he reads it. I need to educate him and I need him to know that we CAN fight this. He doesn’t have to stay at his moms. If anything it’s only making it worse. It’s making the depression a lot worse. Any suggetions on how I can bring this up, or what to do?
On a side note… Anyone familar with these meds? I’ve never heard of either of them. I’m really worried about the insomnia side effect. If i take them around 6 or 7 am will that be enough time to be able to fall asleep at night? Or does that have an effect on sleeping at night too? Thank you so much for listening to me vent. It’s nice to get it off my chest.

Why In The Wide, Wide, World Of Sports Won’t John Edwards Mistress Submit To A Paternity Test?

John said yesterday that he was looking forward to the test to prove the the child is not his,…now she is saying she won’t submit to one..can’t imagine why…i bet Edwards is just beside himself that we’ll never know now….

My Dad Has A Gambling Addiction But Won’t Admit It, I Seriously Cannot Take This Anymore,please Help Me.?

This is VERY long but PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!
Basically my dad has 4 children, he lives with all of us, the oldest is 18 the youngest is 8. My mum died when I was 9. I’m the only girl in my family (not that it matters, just a fact) and I’m 16 now.
My dad has a gambling addiction, me and all my brothers know it. It started about a year ago, we noticed letters coming through from gambling firms. We thought it was just junk but my bro decided to open one and it showed that my dad had recently betted ?600 over 2 bets (?400 on 1 bet, ?200 on the other) – and had LOST this. We are a family of 5. My dad works part time. I have NO idea how he gets so much money in. Anyway
There was other problems and I started slitting my wrists. When I opened up to my dad he didn’t say anything so I was alone for a while. The school counsellor was the only person i could speak to and she didn’t really help.
My dad’s gambling has gotten worse I think. Every morning he gets a piece of paper out and writes down details. On the internet history is betting websites.
A few days ago he was on his phone upstairs and my bro came upto me and told me. I went upstairs and my dad denied he was on his phone and told me to ‚leave him alone’ because i’m ‚always on his case’.
Yesterday he came to the park with us but he went off alone, used his mobile and got out that stupid bit of paper from his pocket. He denied using his phone. It’s like why can’t you just spend time with your children. [please note he never does. He just comes home from work and watches theTV and doesn’t do any housework whatsoever. I used to skip school to clean the house but eventually got forced to go to school].
In January he promised that he would only bet ‚?10 at most’ but I found a slip in his room that said he’d bet ?200 and lost.
My grandma is extremely stressed and is close to having a heart attack, she wakes up with pain down her left arm and really bad chest pain. She hates my dad betting. His dad also hates it and told him not to but dad still chooses to.
And the whole family hate him betting and my dad still won’t stop. he claims it’s ‚relaxing’ and a ‚release’.
I asked him this morning if my grandma had a heart attack would he feel guilty? He said NO because it would not be his fault. He claims he’s got LOADS of money so we don’t need to worry about his betting.
PLEASE HELP ME I dont know what i’m asking but just please help!! I’m sick of this I dont even want to live at home anymore! I’d rather live on the streets than live at home, thats GODS HONEST TRUTH.

I Just Loaded A Gambling Cd To My Hard Drive But Yahoo Wont Let It Connect To The Internet Why?

If you have an older computer it might not have enough colors on your card.

Did You Know That The Ban On Internet Gambling Just Passed Won’t Ban Internet Gambling?

of course not! they’d rather find a way to tax it. they don’t want to stop it.

Did You Know That The Ban On Internet Gambling Just Passed Won’t Ban Internet Gambling?

of course not! they’d rather find a way to tax it. they don’t want to stop it.

What Can I Do To Get A Refund From Coral Eurobet( U.k Bookmaker).they Froze My A/c Worth $1000 & Won,t Refund.

What can I do to get a refund from Coral Eurobet( U.K Bookmaker).They froze my a/c worth $1000 & won,t refund.
Question Details: I opened a betting account with Coral Eurobet with $150 in april 2007.I lost it all.I again deposited $150 & this time around It went on & on.At one point it was worth over $1500.In the first week of june while the account was worth around $1000,they froze my account.They told me that this activity was not consistent with my region.I am currently living in Dubai UAE.They told me that they would refund the total amount very shortly.It has been two months now & despite a lot of promises from their side I am still waiting for the refund.Initially they kept saying that at the moment they had a very heavy load of clients reclaiming their funds & I would also get my money shortly in to my moneybookers account.Now they have stopped replying to my emails as well.There has been no feedback from them for the last couple of weeks
Please tell me what can I do?