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How Dose Sport Betting Work With Bookie And All That?

Im only 15 but im a lucky kid what ever team i say going to win they win. Im a good gusser. I alwase wondred how beting worck with bookies. Say i put 2 dollers down on a team and they win what determines the amount of money i win

Would This Lifestlye Work – From A Financial Perspective?

i have numerous jobs, such as bartending, baseball umpiring, buying/selling safe stocks to make profit, ebaying, blood donor and local paper run.
Then i get all my earnings together go to the TAB and bet on a team i know will win. Then get the money i make and keep stacking it into the TAB, betting more each time i gain more.
Would this work? i mean for a lot of sport games you can guess confidenlty who wins? plus what is the limint on how much can you bet in the TAB at once?
btw TAB in australia, is the place where you bet on sport games

Where Can I Buy A Betting Odds Book, To Work Out How Much You’ve Won?

Im looking for a betting odds book for a xmas present for my dad. He used to have one of these little books from the jack brown bookies to work out how much he could win etc. I know you can use the iternet etc to work out the odds but he used to love this little book. Do you know anywhere I can get one?
Thanks in advance

How Does Online Betting Work? Is It Legal?

You can find everything explained at http://nadalbg.proboards61.com/index.cgi?

How Do Betting Odds Work?

I know if if someone is 5-1 odds to win that means if you bet 100 dollars you get 500, but how does it work if the odds say -180 or +1100? I know in football if a team is -3 it means they have to win by 3 points to cover the spread but I don’t know how this +/- works in stuff such as Boxing or American Idol.

How Does Betting On Boxing Work?


How Do This Weeks Nfl Odds Work?


I know how the + /- system works in general, but i’m more used to seeing it with numbers in the 100’s (like -200/+105). Could someone explain a game situation to me for a straight up bet based on this weeks odds?

Point Spread In Betting In Basketball. How Does It Work?

When the point spread says (-2 1/2) for a certain team and it says (click to bet on _______ to cover the point spread) what does it mean?

Betting In The Uk – How Does It Work Like Odds?

ive never betted before but i want to bet on a football game but i dont understand how it works
for example in ladbrokes it says
for a football match
what does this mean? i use to think for example if its 2/6 that means u bet ?2 and win ?6 if you win. but then that wouldnt make sense if you have odds like 4/1

How Does Online Betting Work?

i know very little about online betting and was wondering how you get started? is money you bet taken directly from your bank account when you bet? how long does it take for your winnings to come through after you have won?