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What’s The Easiest Way To Become A Millionaire Without Working, Inheriting, Betting Or Breaking The Law?

well, the people who said „win the lottery” obviously didnt read your question, since playing the lottery is a form of betting. I’d say the easiest way (which is not that easy) would be to invent something that doesnt exist already, get someone to invest in your product, make it, and sell it. not that easy, but if you have a good idea it could work

Canadian Working And Living In Usa?

I currently live in Canada and I gamble on sports for a living Online, and have been doing so for the past two years. I used the term work because for me it is like any other job, I am usually consumed for the majority of the day earning my money as opposed to sitting around, and it is my sole income.
I’ve saved enough money and would like to move to Las Vegas, and continue to make my living the same way, but betting with Las Vegas Sportsbooks as opposed to Online.
Is this possible to do? I know over time I would have to end up becoming a US Citizen, which is fine, but would this line of work be acceptable for visas, work permits, etc? I know that moving to the US is a hard thing to do, and usually requires that you have already secured a job where you intend to live.
Any information would be helpful.


Did ‚father Of 5′ Figure Out How To Get His Galaxy Windscreen Wipers Working?

We had a problem that sounds very similar and were advised that it could be the motor (which it clearly wasn’t) or ceased ‚arms’ which could cost up to ?1000 to replace………after reading reviews on the internet ( i can’t remember site etc. sorry) my husband decided to have a go at ‚unceasing’ the arms himself. These were pivot points that the wiper arms connect to, located towards the wing on each side of the car. After taking out the whole mechanism, lubrication sorted out the passenger side but it took lubrication, a mallet, a fair amount of ‚elbow grease’ and a lot of careful persistence to free up the driver side! It was fiddly and took nearly all day but, besides the ‚elbow grease’, the mallet and approx ?2 for a tub of grease it cost nothing and seems to have worked fine……IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE………I am touching wood as I write this because we have no mechanical experience at all but decided to take a chance and have a go because we were desperate for the wipers to work but really didn’t want to have to pay out a large repair bill if it could possibly be avoided so, we decided to take a gamble and try it. Fortunately in our case, as in the case of the gentleman who posted the advice that we read it paid off and we were able to identify our problem and resolve it without a costly repair bill.

Working As A Cashier In A Betting Shop?

Ive just been given a job as a cashier in a betting shop, but i dont have any experience.How easy is it to learn the job,what skills would be to my advantage?

Where Can I Get A Book For Working Out Money Back On Bets?

the bookmakers used to give these books away free

Wot Would I Put Down For A Job Description On My Cv For Working In A Bookmakers Office?

i used to work in a bookmakers office and am now doing my cv and am not sure wot i wud put down for job description or my duties if you could help it wud be great

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