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What Is The Worst Sportsbetting Experience Thats Ever Occured To You.?

Anyone who gambles knows that unluckiness is going to happen. Whether it be your AA cracked by KK, your 20 cracked by blackjack, or a blown call by a ref that leads to your demise. It happens. My question to you is..what is unluckiest you ever got while betting on sports and how much did you lose. Mine are..
– A few years ago I had the Nuggets (+275) SU in Detroit. Nuggets had the game clearly in hand, up about 10 with 2 minutes left. The Pistons came back and trailed by 3 with under 1 second left. (Nuggets ball) They inbound, it is tipped and Rasheed Wallace recovers to hit a 70 footer as time expires. Pistons win in OT.
– I had Tennesse Volunteers (+300) SU vs Florida (NCAAF). Tennesse was up 10-0 late in the 3rd quarter when Chris Leak threw a pick to the house. The play was called back on a phantom (and i mean phantom) pass interference call. Florida eventually drove the field in the final 2 minutes to win 14-10..
– As we speak I had the Rays stright up in LAA. Gary Matthews jr. just hit a 3 run, 2 out homerun to put the Angels up 1..story of my life lol…..
What about you?

What Is The Worst Sports Scandal???

A) NBA ref Tim Donaghy betting on and fixing NBA games
B) Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick’s dogfighting charges
C) Barry Bonds getting closer to homerun #756 (he’s at 754 right now)
D) Other
Also, I know that this is P&S. I just wanted to get a good random list of answers.

Rrr Cultists Are Usa’s Worst Busybodies. What Makes ‚em Tick? Sheer Ignorance? Or Hatefulness? Or Both?

The Religious Radical Right (only 5% of Americans, but a very noisy (and noisome) five percent) is comprised of pseudo-Christians and deluded low-IQ Christians who were conned and organized into a political entity by Jerry Falwell and his ilk. They’ve wrecked the Republican Party, and their hateful and obnoxious agendas threaten the individual freedoms of tens of millions of Americans. They seek to FORCE millions of women (over time) to gestate UNwanted pregnancies to term against their will — a very real, 9-month-long form of rape. They oppose legal gambling whenever they can, and seek to censor the Internet, radio, TV, and the print media every chance they get. They are especially mindless toward GLBT folks, even though gays are just like everyone else with the sole exception being their choice of partners. (NO big deal.) The RRR wants to restrict their housing and work opportunities, and fights same-sex marriage, which is harmless? How can they be such bigots? No lives??

What Is Your Worst Habit / Addiction???

junk food
other illegal drugs (cocaine, heroin etc.)
computer / internet
watching pornography
obsessive compulsive disorder (always washing hands etc.)
biting nails
cursing / foul language

Rocket Spanish

Whats The Worst Thing Happening In Sports Right Now?

the mike vick dog fighting scandal, the nba ref betting scandal, or barry bonds eventually breaking the home run record.
i think its the nba scandal is the worst, because if the accusations are true,it affects the whole league and not just one team like the dogfighting one. im a spurs fan, and for a while people were saying that the refs were on their side during their series against phoenix. i thought that they were just bitter fans. but now knowing this guy was one of the refs during the series, it makes me wonder if maybe something was up.
as for the other 2, i would say that the mike vick scandal is the next worse. although neither vick or bonds have been proven guilty for anything, i think any unbiased person with a right sense of mind can say that they are both guilty. but i say that what vick did was more serious. out of taking steroids and dog fighting, taking steroids is the lesser of 2 evils.
what do you guys think?

Is This The Worst Period In Sports History For The Usa?

Baseball has Barry Bonds pumping himself full of steroids.
Basketball has ref betting on games and being a gangster.
Football has Vick abusing dogs.
The only good thing is that the MLS is gaining popularity with Beckem , but that will probably die down in a month.
So can you think of a worse sencerio for sports in the US?
P.S. It dosn’t have to be real, you can be creative.

What Was The Worst Sports Bet You Ever Made And How Much Did It Cost You?

I lost on the mavericks series against the warriors. 1500 bucks to win only 100. DAMN MAVERICKS!!!!

I Am Looking For The Worst Gamblers In The World?

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