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If I Write Something Such As This Paragraph………?

„dude I live in WA and understnad better than 99% of AFL fans just how rubble Freo is. THe ones that comprehend better are the Freo fans. We are exposed to it in all sports media ALL THE TIME the expectations and how disappointing this team is eery year, yet every year the bookies come out touting them up. Freo were like equal second faves for the flag for a while before last season, I’m still not sure where the logic for that came from. And guess what? consensus is they’ll be in the eight and a threat this year, again. but WHY? what have we got to base that idea on the team is an absolute joke they are the ones that should be relegated if one team were to be relegated”
(this was my answer to a „which tem should be relegated questions a couple months ago)
and also when I:
– go against the experts and the population’s consensus decision (which they say EVERY SINGLE YEAR) that „Freo are an up and coming threat of young hungry talent that will definitely be in the eight and maybe threaten for the top four” and the Sports betting agencies decisions that Freo are a bigger threat than North,
and I instead say: „Freo are rubbish and always will be they are pathetic and a joke”
Am I right or am I right? <<< THIS is the question
This is the umpteenth time that for some unknown reason people have thought Freo are a shoe-in for the eight and a genuine flag contender,
my BQ is
??WHY?? why why why? where DOES that idea come from? I honestly cannot understand it

I Need To Choose A Second Business To Write About?

For my assignment at school, I need to choose two businesses for a marketing task. I’ve decided to write about PokerStars because I know a lot about them and how they advertise and market their products and service. However, I want a second business which is similar to PokerStars but it can’t be an organisation like PKR or PartyPoker since they are both in the same sector. Can you think of a good company that will go well with PokerStars in my task? When I say similar, I mean by operating on the internet and preferably a company in the gambling industry but that’s not essential. Any ideas? Thank you very much for feedback. =)

I Don’t Have Any Idea To Write This Essay? I Need Help?

This is the topic:
Many people now have personal computers, and the use of electronic services such as the Internet is becoming more widespread. Some parents are concerned about children using the Internet to gamble or buy goods on credit.
How can access to electronic services be controlled?
Thanks all

How Do I Write A Bet Down In A Betting Store?

I know that to place a forecast, I write
F.C + the two horse numbers, and the stake…
but what do i write down to place a DUAL FORECAST?

How Do I Write Out Betting Slips?

How are bet slips written for bets such as accumulators ,doubles, trebles etc.Is there a relevant website to tell me this?

How Do Write Out An Anti-post Bet On A Bookmakers Betslip?

I’ve never witten out an anti-post bet so i’m not too sure what to do!