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Will Espn Decision Have A Big Effect On Yahoo?

Now that espn has decided to go with free fantasy baseball will that effect the turn out of yahoo’ers. Espn being the premier sports site now will offer fantasy baseball for free it has a start date slotted at Feb 16th. If I was yahoo I would try to bet them to the punch and open sooner. Once espn opens and if the baseball drafts are set up like their football drafts (running about 12hrs a day nostop) then its a good possibility that Yahoo’ers will jump boat for espn. Hmmm just a thought!

My Website Has Been Dropped By Yahoo, Not Sure Why?

Hi technical team, I was wondering if you were able to offer any explanation or help with the following search engine problems we are experiencing with both Yahoo.com and Yahoo.com.au
We cannot locate our website if we type in our company name ?southern cross metal recyclers? directly into the search engine and filter for Australia only, how could this happen to our website??? None of this makes any sense, how could we go from No 1 for scrap metal on Yahoo.com.au to not being in the first 1000 searches?? Can you help me please?
My name is Peter Thomas from Melbourne Australia and I am the owner and webmaster of http://www.southerncrossmetalrecyclers.com.au/. We have been active on the internet for 8 years and have gained respect in our community as a well presented and informative website with over 3625 pages and 6178 inward links. For some time we have been No 1 on Yahoo.com.au for the term ?scrap metal? and No 11 for Yahoo.com for the same term in almost 22,000,000 search results. For some reason, our site has been dropped by Yahoo for all search terms that we have always ranked very well with. We have been building our site for some time now to be optimised for many search terms and up to the time that Yahoo dropped our ranking we have always been in the top 10 ? 15 for hundreds of different search terms. We are currently and have been for some years ranked No 1 & 2 on Google.com.au and No 2 on Google.com for the terms ?scrap metal?. We have been careful to not list or link to any banned sites, adult or gambling or other sites that may create any problems. Our site is the largest most comprehensive scrap metal recycling information compendium site of its type in Australia and perhaps Worldwide. It has been our aim to offer information, specifications, codes, prices, services, pictures including slide shows on all topics relating to scrap metal recycling and processing services. But now we cannot be found in the Yahoo directory when filtering for an Australia only search and using terms that would in all probability land any search directly on our site. We cannot be found in the first 1000 searches, in fact there are sites that rank higher than us that in a website sense are very basic and not well constructed. If as the webmaster of this site I have made some fundamental error then it would be helpful to understand the problem that I have created causing this to happen. Our site currently has over 1000 unique visitors daily viewing over 2500 pages. In my web statistics you can see how many referrals we get from each search engine and before this problem Yahoo was an excellent referral site, however due to this problem we are now not getting any traffic from your search engines. I am coming to you in a humble manner asking you in all honesty what we have done and how we can rectify a very obvious problem.
Kindest Regards
Peter Thomas
Southern Cross Metal Recyclers

Why Has Yahoo Done This To The Ednas?

yahoo has launch an exstinsive campaign against all ednas.
this may signify the end . or will it?
its easy to block i.p address but thanks to the wonderfull world of wireless this can be over come.
cookies you say not even close… by the time a posting bounces off of several servers in the uk then idonesia,then india i got enoug
cockies to put oreo out of buisness.thanks to wireless and roaming and a hand held and disposable hardware i will enjoy the chase,ever heard of ghost hosting you morons,barbados were most of your online gambling is hosted….i.p addresses are stationary duh…ping ping thats just not going to cut it
and yes i.p can comeback to a internet provider account
but so what
but im not because you bore me peace !
google is better anyways bye bye
sign edna you chickens
Additional Details
42 minutes ago
suspend this nutz ….
26 minutes ago
theres more racist crap on here than edna crap….yahoo creating a world of ego maniacs,who call you an idiot or moron if you dont agree with their opinion but the fun stuff get suspended..b.s
people talk more shid on here than in rap
records but to make fun of a prank is serious give me a break…the word ****##ah get said 100000000 more times than any edna posting
but yahoo caters to the premandona’s
do you need subscribers that bad?
if thats the case stop charging for extras that google gives for free
11 answers
You can’t answer your own question.

Why Cant Yahoo Let Us Wager Play Money On Sporting Events Like The Card Games?

To bad we cant use our points to wager with or something like that. A gentlepersons betting forum.
Can you ask Q&A yahoo man questions like this?

Yahoo Mail Is Often Redirecting Me To Spam Adverts. Advice?

Hi… I’ve just posted this question in the „internet security” category but I am re-posting it here in the „Yahoo Mail Spam” category because maybe this category will get more/better answers. Thanks, and sorry if you are reading this twice.
Just recently when I click on a link (sent mail, in-box, and actual messages etc.) in Yahoo Mail, I am redirected to a spam advert page for gambling. Here is the spam page http://pbid.pro-market.net/engine?site=119121+page=+space=9717+size=180×150+linktarget=%27_blank%27+rnd=1244539606
Sometimes this is so bad I can hardly use Yahoo because I’m battling to go back to Yahoo away from the gambling page while it keeps trying to go to the gambling spam page, and then sometimes it simply stops and Yahoo functions OK.
I have contacted Yahoo about this (I only just sent the mail) and I have also scanned my whole computer for viruses, adware, spyware, and the scan result was clean. I am using AVG and AVG are looking into the issue.
While I wait for Yahoo and AVG to reply I was wondering if anyone else has experienced these problems or if you have any advice or know what is going on?
I’ve googled „pro-market.net” and its seems „pro-market.net” is related to spyware but I also realize companies like Yahoo do business with advert tracking companies such as „pro-market.net” and „doubleclick” who dump their tracking cookies on our computers. When pages load for Yahoo-Mail pages I also notice stuff loading for ad.yieldmanager.com which is a tracking cookie evil, I think. I am currently blocking all third party cookies but this is not helping.
Thanks for advice and feedback

Why Are People Using Yahoo Answers To Advertise Sport Betting Sites? It’s Getting Old.?

It is against the community rules and you can report it as abuse.

Why Are People Using Yahoo Answers To Advertise Sport Betting Sites? It’s Getting Old.?

It is against the community rules and you can report it as abuse.

Where Is The Yahoo Toll Bar Bookmakers Located?

Bookmarks is the green + sign to the right of the search box.

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Why Are All The Questions Appearing In Yahoo Sports About Betting?

Can we ban these questions or at least relegate them to their own special „gambling ghetto” and leave the Yahoo Sports area for people who are actually interested in…sports?

I Just Loaded A Gambling Cd To My Hard Drive But Yahoo Wont Let It Connect To The Internet Why?

If you have an older computer it might not have enough colors on your card.