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I Lost A Bet To Cheerleaders Last Year School Starts Again Soon Think They Forgot Over The Summer Or Will They

make me suffer? I said girls can’t beat guys in sports and cheerleading isn’t a sport.
The bet was if I beat a cheerleader in basketball she had to be my maid in school all through football season, but if she beat me, they got to make me cheer any way they want.
They dressed me up as a cheerleader made me do a cheer, but then they said since she had to be a maid if she lost, I should have to be a cheerleader for the same amount of time.
So do you think they’ll just forget or what do you think they’ll make me do for the bet if they don’t forget?

How To Lose Belly Fat For A 14 Year Old Girl?

ok, my waist line is at 33.5 inches and it jiggles. im 14 5’4″ and from 115-120 lbs. bmi 20.3. i have no other „fat” on my body. what are some other ways to get rid of it that does not include crunchers/sit ups because i tried it and it does not work.
does drinking pop have anything to do with belly fat? my friend and i made a bet to each other that we would not drink pop until the last day of school in june.
I am not in any sports but i do walk about an extra mile almost every other than in school etc. please help i am desperate. i cant wear anything that is „body shaped” such as tshirts, dresses etc. the only thing that makes my jelly belly look semi normal are baggy sweat shirts.

What To Get My 22 Year Old Boyfriend For Christmas?

i know, this question has been asked so many times already, but he is particulary difficult to buy for because he is content-except for the 40′ tv he wants and not from me. we have been dating a year and i have already bought him CD’s and video games and want to do something more and something different. He is 22 but is like a kid in many ways. He loves sports, sport betting, candy and anything that keep him interested at all times-he’s ADD. Never clothes, he’s tired of video games, doesn’t drink, doesnt like ipods, has every movie ever made,not romantic in the least but i want to do more than just a gift card-something unique. any suggestions would be helpful thanks!

Is Usc Gonna Be That Good To Be Only 3 To 1 Odds To Win It All Next Year In Football ?


A Cultural Question For All 18 To 21 Year Old Americans.?

Being outside the USA at 18 we all can legally drink and purchase alcohol in bars, pubs, clubs, casinos, restaurants, cafes, live concerts, raves, dance party’s, sporting venues and on airplanes, cruise ships and trains etc.
Also we can legally gamble at casinos, gaming clubs and bars, also punt on horse and dog races and sports bets and buy lottery tickets.
As we can work in these industries, while we are going to university or globally traveling and backpacking in foreign countries.
Since the USA is the only free society country in the world, which has 21 year old drinking and gaming laws.
All 18-21 year old global tourists immediately loose these freedoms once the enter to the USA.
So I’m wondering, what alternative dose the USA offer 18-21 year old Americans and global tourist venue wise, since they can’t legally purchase alcohol, drink or gamble ?
Also do, 18-21 year old Americans work in these alcohol serving and gaming industries. To gain work experience to go global traveling, and obtain employment in a foreign country ?

The 13 Year Old Father….?

Well now the Local Authority are paying for the paternity test to see who exactly is or is not the father at a cost of ?300. Is this not a misuse of the taxpayers money and also is it true that the local bookmaker is taking bets on the outcome ?


Overall, What Is The Best Brand, Year, Sport That I Should Look For When Buying Cases Of Sports Cards?

I could research this by looking for odds for special cards for all kinds of boxes then compare what those cards sell for, mainly on ebay but someone probably knows. The casino was a big problem I had and I’ve not went for over a year but now I’m saving lots of money but want to „invest” what isn’t being saved in a fun hobby and collecting sports cards is what I did for a long time as a young man, early teens and before. So I’ve went on ebay, bought some packs, didn’t get much to be excited about and I’m just wondering if I’m going to spend a couple of hundred dollars on boxes/cases of cards every month or so, what would be my safest bet to get a great card (thousand dollars, two hundred dollars, anything substantial). I’ve decided that it’s more fun buying new cards than old because anything old that could be good is usually expensive. If you’re a dealer, reply with your info, maybe we can work out a deal since I’ll be buying often, on shipping/pricing. Thanks a lot.

In What Year Did Bookmakers First Open On A Sunday?

1995 : From January 1st it became legal to open betting shops on a Sunday.

What Are The Bookmakers Odds On A Visit From Jesus This Year?

We don’t do ‚betting’ if you will excuse my English.
But we are told by Jesus to WATCH because we know not the hour when the Son of Man will return in his glory.
Now is the time to serve the LORD.

Does Anyone Remember A Sports Betting Movie That Came Out This Year Or Last Year?

„Two for the Money,” with Matthew McConaughey, Al Pacino, and Rene Russo.