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What Is The Worst Sportsbetting Experience Thats Ever Occured To You.?

Anyone who gambles knows that unluckiness is going to happen. Whether it be your AA cracked by KK, your 20 cracked by blackjack, or a blown call by a ref that leads to your demise. It happens. My question to you is..what is unluckiest you ever got while betting on sports and how much did you lose. Mine are..
– A few years ago I had the Nuggets (+275) SU in Detroit. Nuggets had the game clearly in hand, up about 10 with 2 minutes left. The Pistons came back and trailed by 3 with under 1 second left. (Nuggets ball) They inbound, it is tipped and Rasheed Wallace recovers to hit a 70 footer as time expires. Pistons win in OT.
– I had Tennesse Volunteers (+300) SU vs Florida (NCAAF). Tennesse was up 10-0 late in the 3rd quarter when Chris Leak threw a pick to the house. The play was called back on a phantom (and i mean phantom) pass interference call. Florida eventually drove the field in the final 2 minutes to win 14-10..
– As we speak I had the Rays stright up in LAA. Gary Matthews jr. just hit a 3 run, 2 out homerun to put the Angels up 1..story of my life lol…..
What about you?

Attention: Sports Bettors! I Have A Question For You.?

I heard an interview yesterday with a guy from the Las Vegas Hilton sportsbook. He said that they alone will see between 94 and 97 million in wagers on the Super Bowl. The line came out at NE -14 and it is already down to 12. He also said that the 94 to 97 million only represents 2% of the wagers that will be bet on the Super Bowl. Now to the question. Does this blow your mind that this much money is bet on a single game?
That is way over a billion dollars. This does not even include office pools and blocks and such. Does this sound like a country on the verge of a recession to you?

Have You Read The „you Scare Me” Letter Written By Lou Pritchett, Former Vp At Proctor & Gamble?

This letter lays it out, in plain language, how many of us feel about Obama. The letter was sent to the NY Times, but they never printed it. It has had over 500,000 hits on the internet though.
If you are worried about where this country is heading under Obama rule…then follow this link, I think you will enjoy it.http://www.snopes.com/politics/soapbox/y?

In Your Own Words Can You…?

Describe internet gambling, the facts problems and anything else you know about it. Thank You!!