The Republicans And Democrats Want To Take Away Your Right To Gamble On The Internet. Should They?

Wayne Allyn Root, the Veep running with Bob Barr says.
*I support Internet Freedom. I support the legalization, regulation & taxation of Online Gaming (just like U.K.). Prohibition has been proven a failure. Let’s legalize, regulate and tax this growing industry- thereby bringing in billions of dollars in new tax revenues that we can use for deficit reduction, homeland security, or the war on terror.



  1. ?? ??? ?????????, ???????! wrote
    at 6:42 - 17th Październik 2009 Permalink

    I disagree with any law that attempts to protect a citizen from his or her own choices. I especially disagree with any law that tries to enforce a certain moral paradigm on others.

  2. Jennifer wrote
    at 8:11 - 17th Październik 2009 Permalink

    I just went through the Constitution (it’s online), and the funny thing is, I couldn’t find anything saying that Internet gambling was one of our inalienable rights.
    Your rights are clearly defined in the US Constitution, and in the constitution of your state.
    Everything else is …. well, call it what you want, but don’t call it a „right.”

  3. EZMZ wrote
    at 12:51 - 17th Październik 2009 Permalink

    They should at least regulate it—-at present there are no enforcable standards as to pay-outs—-people are getting ripped-off.
    gamble at your own risk but I cannot guarantee you any fairness.

  4. dr. chud wrote
    at 15:32 - 17th Październik 2009 Permalink

    Dude, why aren’t they fighting for the legalization of marijuana or a woman’s right to chose?
    Oh thats right…they would lose every voter they have.

  5. Broccoli FIEND wrote
    at 18:04 - 17th Październik 2009 Permalink

    I agree. If people want to gamble, drink, or use drugs, then let them! It’s God’s way of separating the wheat from the chaff.

  6. Cop wrote
    at 20:03 - 17th Październik 2009 Permalink

    If this is your biggest concern about this country than you either have your head in the sand or you live a very protected life.

  7. thedude jr wrote
    at 20:44 - 17th Październik 2009 Permalink

    the duopoly already have

  8. Queequeg wrote
    at 1:45 - 18th Październik 2009 Permalink

    Go AWAY!

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