Was Obama Wrong To Seize The Funds Of 24,000 Online Poker Players?

I thought he was in favor of freedom of the internet. Poker is not illegal, unless you lump it with the kinds of degenerate gambling intended by anti-gambling laws. But then online chess for money would be illegal too, as would dozens of other popular games.
I heard a rumor that the feds who seized the money had to hurry, because they were almost out of money, because they lost too much playing online poker. That’s probably not true, but, in any case, the fact that Obama lets them do it, and doesn’t do anything to stop it or reverse it, shows that he’s a two-faced lying politican like all the rest, and never really did believe in freedom of the internet.
What can we do about people like Obama, who deceive us into voting for them, then turn around and start restricting our freedom?
Maybe we could reduce their terms to one year instead of four years, so we could vote them out sooner? A constitutional amendment to reduce the terms of presidents, senators, etc. to one year, and easier ways to vote them out, could make a big difference. Such as letting people vote on the internet. Maybe a law that we could vote them out easier than voting them in. Maybe a trial period. They start their term of office, and if we don’t like what we see, we can vote them out via the internet at any time.
Or what?


  1. Gus K wrote
    at 20:35 - 21st Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    Cheez, and here I thought my stash disappeared when I went for that inside straight!

  2. Doug B wrote
    at 1:36 - 22nd Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    Nice rant, but far from the truth.
    Online gambling is illegal under a patchwork of federal laws, and since the action crosses state lines, the feds have a right to regulate it.

  3. Corruptf wrote
    at 3:25 - 22nd Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    Obama is an idiot.

  4. Jesus Is My Gardener wrote
    at 9:09 - 22nd Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    no…tax cheats need to be dealt with and prosecuted

  5. Lev8myso wrote
    at 12:36 - 22nd Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    Could you provide a link showing that there was a seizure of this money? I hadn’t heard about this.

  6. Vampire Killer wrote
    at 15:52 - 22nd Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    Do you have a link?? I have not heard about this one yet.

  7. Anonim wrote
    at 20:00 - 22nd Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    yes it was wrong. however, libs and conservatives have often times punished/created „sin tax.” They find less opposition to taxing vice’s (ie alcohol, cig’s, fast food, etc) Once they put more restrictive laws on sex, then they will tax strip joints, prostitution revenue, etc.
    Gambling is on the short list, because it is a vice and creates lots of cash.

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