Was The Gop Making A Mistake Betting Against America?

Warren Buffet, one of America’s most successful (read: richest) gamblers has said on more than one occasion that „You can’t bet against America and win.” He said it again in the last day or two.
Is the GOP’s biggest mistake that they draped themselves in a paper mache flag, instead of a real one, the flag of our fathers, and bet against America (and its new leadership, the Obama administration)? Should they listen to the lessons of history, or failed partisans like Karl Rove?


  1. TJTB wrote
    at 23:59 - 23rd Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    They turned their back on America and America returned the favor.

  2. ALL wrote
    at 3:58 - 24th Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    GOP does listen to history. That’s why they are against the socialistic direction we are going in.
    If Obama believed in America, his slogan would not be „change”.
    Buffett has never really explained specific reasons why he supports Obama. He has come out against many of Obama’s policies, so I suspect his support is because he is against the Iraq war, or he supports abortion.

  3. crunch wrote
    at 8:24 - 24th Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    Buffett had no faith in the USA to be able to pull itself out of the mess created by government without government intervention.
    Never mind that the government in the last 7 months has done a lot to shore up his investments. He owns a lot of stock in companies that got bailed out.
    He doesn’t give two cents about America, but he loves the government right now. He’s betting heavily on the government, not the USA.

  4. kathy_is wrote
    at 8:54 - 24th Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    Betting on the new leadership IS betting against America. And since you brought up Buffet… he has said while he „likes” Obama a lot, he has serious concerns about his economic policies.

  5. Liberal thinker wrote
    at 9:23 - 24th Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    They’re betting against Obamas’ policies, not America. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  6. truth seeker wrote
    at 11:52 - 24th Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    if it is, they are in trouble. that seems to be their only plan……

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