What Are The Bookmakers Odds On A Visit From Jesus This Year?

We don’t do ‚betting’ if you will excuse my English.
But we are told by Jesus to WATCH because we know not the hour when the Son of Man will return in his glory.
Now is the time to serve the LORD.


  1. hopeof kingdom wrote
    at 9:49 - 28th Wrzesień 2009 Permalink

    1000 billion to 1

  2. andrew w wrote
    at 10:28 - 28th Wrzesień 2009 Permalink

    Why would you care?
    B.T.W. You still have time!

  3. DORY wrote
    at 16:07 - 28th Wrzesień 2009 Permalink

    Whats all the hype about Jesus returning this year????

  4. CEILING CAT!!! wrote
    at 22:14 - 28th Wrzesień 2009 Permalink

    ill give you 33s

  5. jimi wrote
    at 1:32 - 29th Wrzesień 2009 Permalink

    about the same as Jimmy Hendrix playing the new wembley stadium on new years eve

  6. cor blimey wrote
    at 7:38 - 29th Wrzesień 2009 Permalink

    On past form- pretty poor.

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