What Do You Think About Field Hockey Players?

I play field hockey and everyone thinks that its a stupid sport, all the football guys make fun of us, but i bet if they tried to play they would sprain something. Tell me what you think! please!


  1. Expat Mike wrote
    at 18:26 - 3rd Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    I feel bad that they couldn’t find some ice to play real hockey on, but otherwise, I think it’s a nice sport (hell, it’s worlds better than soccer).

  2. adrizzoc wrote
    at 20:34 - 3rd Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    I think it’s a rather silly sport to watch be played, but at my college all of the field hockey girls were hella hot and they always had kick a$$ parties, so they’re cool by me!

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