What Does It Mean When A Betting Odd’s Second Number Is Higher Than The First I.e. 8/15?

I only get the whole 12 – 1 and 2 – 1 and all that but when its like 1-2 i just freak out.
What does it mean?!

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  1. Spiraled wrote
    at 12:36 - 6th Luty 2010 Permalink

    LegFu…. is correct to an extent. In addition to the payoff you get your original bet back as well so you aren’t losing money as his example suggests.

  2. Spiraled wrote
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    It means you are betting on a heavy favorite, but you read the odds the same way.
    12-1 odds means you get 12 for every 1 you bet.
    1-2 odds means you get 1 for every 2 you bet.
    8-15 odds means you’ll get 8 for every 15 you bet.
    EDIT: I assumed you knew no one would ever make a bet if they’d lose money by winning, sorry the below guy didn’t think as highly of you.

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