What Is The Best Way To Get Into The Sports Industry,i Would Love To Get A Job That Involves Sports. Any Ideas

I have never liked any of my jobs before..Office jobs. Its not me at all and it sucks. What is the best way to get into sports? Any way of not going to school for it? or would my best bet go to school for sports managment and go from there? You guys have any ideas? shortcuts?


  1. ?Mommy to 16 month old Jacob? wrote
    at 16:40 - 3rd Październik 2009 Permalink

    going to school for sports management seems like a great first step, but also start getting side jobs here and there at local sports places doing stats or coaching. My husband would love to be a sports statistician for any major sports but he doesn’t know how either; plus you REALLY have to know people.
    Start networking, go to school, and do anything extra you can pertaining to sports (besides playing). Good luck.

  2. simran s wrote
    at 18:21 - 3rd Październik 2009 Permalink

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