What Makes Some Betting Illegal?

I was looking at the paper today and it was talking about the Kentucky Derby horse race. The paper had the top 3 places. Above the places it says „In The Money” and that’s when I asked my mom „isn’t betting on horses illegal?” She told me that in some places betting is illegal and in some places it isn’t. So I was wondering, what makes some betting illegal?


  1. zoeyjoey wrote
    at 3:59 - 26th Luty 2010 Permalink

    Gambling laws vary from state to state. Nevada has the most liberal gaming laws in the United States. Other states allow various forms of gaming, but outlaw others.
    See the link below for a breakdown of gambling laws by state:

  2. da_hal wrote
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    (i’ll add my 2 cents to the probably copius amounts of BS that will probably fill this thread :))
    sports betting is generally considered different than other types of betting, and generally has a higher status as a „skill” game. so, sports betting isn’t as frowned upon as other types of gambling games, like card or dice games.

  3. Gooch wrote
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    In Arkansas it is the Baptists

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