What Size Pants Does A Woman Have To Wear Before Having A Big Belly Comes With It?

serious question! i don’t know squat about how women size their pants. for instance, if a woman wears a size 12, is it a good bet that she’s sporting a big belly too? what is the cut-off size between just a little chubby and just downright fat?



  1. beckyhom wrote
    at 23:39 - 11th Luty 2010 Permalink

    How tall is this woman? I think the shorter someone is, a size 12 will seem a little chunky. If the woman is taller, say 5’6″ or taller, then a size 12 wouldn’t seem big at all. And i think it all depends on the way woman carry their weight. I see woman on t.v. who say they are a size 4 or 6 and I think… NO WAY! So I believe it is all about body porportion.

  2. ?!Jennie wrote
    at 1:30 - 12th Luty 2010 Permalink

    Excuse Me? If a woman wears a Size 12 she is Normal! Unlike a size Zero!

  3. Amy F wrote
    at 1:33 - 12th Luty 2010 Permalink

    it depends on the person. i wear a 14 but i don’t have a big stomach, i have hips and butt i inherited from my mom. but the guys like them so i don’t really care.

  4. i ? hershey ????? wrote
    at 2:33 - 12th Luty 2010 Permalink

    A size 12 is still small it may be she has hips or booty too, not just tummy . Honestly there is no size cut off you can say is fat, it all depends on the the way each person is built. hips thighs booty & belly all make an important mark on sizes.

  5. Godless wrote
    at 3:37 - 12th Luty 2010 Permalink

    It’s not that simple, it depends on other factors too. Like her height, her build, her hips, her chest.
    For instance, my wife has a naturaly large chest with medium hips and has an athletic build and is 5’8″. She wears a size 12 pants (though she has a flat stomach) and a XL or 16-20 shirt that she has to alter (because of her chest, shirts aren’t made for large chests). If you called her chubby or fat, you’d wake up an hour later with her shoe print across your forehead.

  6. Nerds Rule! wrote
    at 5:57 - 12th Luty 2010 Permalink

    Size 12 she has some meat on her, but I wouldn’t call her fat.

  7. ~truckgi wrote
    at 6:34 - 12th Luty 2010 Permalink

    It depends on the woman. Size 12 isn’t fat. Some women carry more weight in their bellies, some carry it in their hips. They could have larger hips, but a small waist.

  8. Sam wrote
    at 11:21 - 12th Luty 2010 Permalink

    i don’t know exactly, but a size 12 is not fat.

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